Link Building Roundup for May 2019

Here’s a quick roundup of recent link building articles that you may find quite useful if you’re into that sort of thing like we are.

I’m not sure that I agree with all of the sentiments in each of the blog posts, but I have kept them included for impartiality reasons.

The Best White Hat Link Building Techniques & Tools (

Topics: link building, guest post, content promotion, search engine optimisation and content marketing plan, Broken Link Building, quality websites

  • focus your efforts on creating valuable content that people actually want, or even better, need!
  • Top tier publications require top tier content, so focus on the concept driving your content instead of obsessing over the backlink you are seeking.


5 SEO Link Building Strategies for 2019 (

Topics: link building, guest posts, link building strategies, deep content, link building strategies, high authority sites

  • Get a list of all the sites that regularly link to you, and then explore opportunities to expand the number of links so you can get even more backlinks from them, and then contact them and ask for those links.
  • Approach the site owner and ask them to replace the link with your own link and then link them to relevant articles on your own site that would fit the links.
  • You can search for high authority sites in your niche, convert their best articles into different media versions, including audio, video, infographics and so on, and then give it away for free and ask them to link back to you.

5 Link-Building Tactics You Should Stick with in 2019  (

Topics: infographic, authority website, Broken Links, quality backlinks, online authority, great content

  • Don’t Turn to the Dark Side
  • Offer to Fix Broken Links on Websites
  • Obtain Backlinks Organically by Guest-posting
  • Use the “Skyscraper” Method
  • Use Infographics to Your Advantage

5 Link Building Rules That Assure Success For Your Strategy (

Topics: Link building, anchor text, link profile, backlink profile, search engine rankings, thin content sites, valuable and sustainable results

  • Rule #1: Publish quality content that attracts links naturally
  • Rule #2: Acquiring links too quickly should be avoided
  • Rule #3: Consistency is essential for success
  • Rule #4: Varying anchor text is crucial
  • Rule #5: Avoid building irrelevant links in bad neighbourhoods

Link Distance Ranking Algorithms (

Topics: PageRank, shortest distance, Link Graph, Google, web indexing

  • “The system then assigns lengths to the links based on properties of the links and properties of the pages attached to the links.
  • The system next computes shortest distances from the set of seed pages to each page in the set of pages based on the lengths of the links between the pages.
  • So it’s basically an overlay on top of the PageRank score to help weed out manipulated links, based on the theory that manipulated links will naturally have a longer distance of link connections between the spam page and the trusted set.
  • A link graph can be said to be a map of the entire Internet organised by the link relationships between sites, pages or even parts of pages.

A quick and dirty post about building links today, folks, which has been a good way to test out the most excellent content AI platform which we are all in love with here at Embryo.


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