Keyword Research Post Roundup for May

Here’s my selection of useful articles for keyword research when working on SEO projects for clients, or indeed, your own websites.

10 Smart Question Research Tools for B2B Marketers (

Topics: google search, chatbot, Youtube, Google, search intent, new content ideas, Keyword Planner tool, searcher intent

  • What Do People Really Want, and Why is Finding Questions Important?
  • #1 — StoryBase
  • #2 — SEMrush
  • #3 — Ahrefs
  • #4 — Google Search Console
  • #5 —

I wont spoil the rest of the list for you…

The Language Of SEO: Identifying And Implementing Central Keywords (

Topics: voice search, cluster posts, keyword performance, overall relevance, based search, overall content, cluster content, complex ranking algorithms

  • With pillar and cluster posts, innovations on keyword tenses and synonyms, it may seem like there’s not much more you can do with your business’s keywords, but you’re not done yet.
  • In addition to putting keywords into your URL and meta descriptions, your blog should prioritize many different types of content that use your keywords in different ways.
  • One major benefit to creating different types of content is that, by varying the types of posts, you’ll be placing your keywords in different contexts, and when search engines rank websites, one factor they consider is the surrounding language.

How to Use Google Keyword Planner Tool For SEO (

Topics: keyword ideas, Filter, search results,  Keyword Planner, Google, keyword relevance, competition data

  • It’s nearly impossible (unless you get extremely lucky) to have a successful on-site SEO strategy without conducting keyword research.
  • Filter results by average monthly searches, competition level, organic impressions, ad impressions, suggested bids, and organic average position.

Keyword research in 2019: Modern tactics for growing targeted search traffic (

Topics: search terms, search engine traffic, Popular Search Terms, actionable tactics,  Brand Alternatives Search Terms, Content Opportunities

  • …focused on actionable tactics to grow search traffic.
  • …invariably leads people to the task of keyword research; uncovering the search terms most likely to result in prospective customers.




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