It Will Never Be a Better Time To Be An Influencer

I’ve thought this for a while, but with the latest news this week from Facebook F8 and Snapchat’s update, it is confirmed that it will never be a better time to be a social media influencer.
I will explain why be showcasing all the new announcements in the world of social this week.

Shop From Creators

Over the past year, users have been able to shop through Instagram from brands, but have been directed to their website. Now, users on the Instagram platform will be able to purchase from influencers and brands directly on the platform itself.
The big F8 announcement for Instagram is ‘Shop from Creators‘, a new option which will facilitate direct buying from specific users and their posts.
Facebook has said:
“Starting next week, you’ll be able to shop inspiring looks from the creators you love without leaving Instagram. Instead of taking a screenshot or asking for product details in comments or Direct, you can simply tap to see exactly what your favourite creators are wearing and buy it on the spot. Anyone in our global community will be able to shop from creators. We’ll begin testing this with a small group of creators next week, with plans to expand access over time.”
This is an important update for influencers and creators, as Facebook and Instagram continue to increase their grip and power over other social media platforms. This update further squeezes Snapchat’s potential in the influencer market.
Speaking of Snapchat…

Snapchat Announces New Shopify Integration

Everyone in social media marketing is (or should) be aware of the wobbles that Snapchat has been having over the past year or so. Now, in Snap Inc’s latest efforts to broaden its business opportunities, they have announced a new partnership with Shopify.
On this partnership, CNBC has said:
“It opens Snap’s door, for example, for a small business that may not have the budget for an agency or the marketing know-how to do more sophisticated campaigns. This integration will allow those kinds of companies to build and manage Snapchat Story ad campaigns directly through an app in Shopify’s self-serve buying platform.”
So, if you’re an influencer, or want to be, now is your time.
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