Hospitality Update – Bars, Restaurants, Hotels, and Clubs added to the Embryo Index

There’s big news this January, which is that the Embryo Index now includes the hospitality sector. This list includes Manchester favourites such as the Midland Hotel, the Deaf Institute, Manchester Arena, and The Comedy Store to name but a few within the 113 recently-added companies.

Band on the Wall currently tops the list, followed closely by Printworks and the Lowry Hotel. Take a looky here:

Company Code Sector Score
Band on the Wall BWAL Hospitality 1146.75
Printworks TPWK Hospitality 964
Lowry Hotel LOWR Hospitality 959.03
The Comedy Store CMDY Hospitality 926.75
Manchester Arena ARNA Hospitality 900
Gorilla GRLA Hospitality 896.95
Midland Hotel MLND Hospitality 888.9
Deaf Institute DFIN Hospitality 806.4
Hotel Football HTFB Hospitality 729.5
Great Northern GNOR Hospitality 690.1
Victoria Warehouse VICW Hospitality 669
Pendulum Hotel PEND Hospitality 609.54
Cloudwater Brew CWTR Hospitality 602
YES YESM Hospitality 589.7
Factory Manchester FTRY Hospitality 585.2
Marble MRBL Hospitality 581.44
Common COMN Hospitality 550.55
Night & Day Café NDCF Hospitality 548.1
Clayton Hotel CLTH Hospitality 546.53
El Gato Negro EGNT Hospitality 546.5
Refuge REFG Hospitality 526.95
Abode ABDE Hospitality 519.73
Albert’s Schloss ALSC Hospitality 511.05
Australasia AUST Hospitality 509.8
Veeno TVCO Hospitality 507.25
Barca BRCA Hospitality 505.63
Bem Brasil BBRS Hospitality 492.5
Roxy Ball Room ROXY Hospitality 471.42
Black Sheep BSHP Hospitality 469.6
Masons MSNB Hospitality 467.31
Atlas ATLB Hospitality 455.08
Rebellion REBM Hospitality 452.1
Menagerie MRIE Hospitality 428.3
Proof PROF Hospitality 425.9
Zouk ZOUK Hospitality 417.53
Allotment ALNQ Hospitality 414.87
Port Street PSBH Hospitality 407.2
Manchester Hall MHAL Hospitality 398.26
Oast House TOHO Hospitality 394.75
Dukes 92 DUKE Hospitality 393.2
Yang Sing YANG Hospitality 393.2
Albert Square Chop House ALBS Hospitality 391.46
Alston ALST Hospitality 389.43
Soup Kitchen SUPK Hospitality 388.3
Federal FDCB Hospitality 384.85
Didsbury House Hotel DIDH Hospitality 384.79
Crazy Pedros CZYP Hospitality 379
Cafe Football CAFF Hospitality 372.3
Trof TROF Hospitality 365.25
Cane and Grain CAGR Hospitality 355.44
Kro Bar KROB Hospitality 351.08
Twenty Twenty Two TTTM Hospitality 348.95
Velvet Bar VELV Hospitality 348.9
Rain Bar RINB Hospitality 346.81
Waterside Hotel WTRS Hospitality 338.59
CitySuites CSTE Hospitality 336.5
TNQ TNQB Hospitality 332.38
Pen and Pencil TPAP Hospitality 326.27
Beermoth BEER Hospitality 324.2
Dive NQ DIVE Hospitality 322.15
Castlefield Hotel CSFH Hospitality 312.99
PLY PLYM Hospitality 308.79
Townhouse Hotel THHT Hospitality 299.55
Cow Hollow Hotel COHO Hospitality 291.91
La Vina LVMR Hospitality 291.84
Brewski BSKI Hospitality 281.95
Liar’s Club TLRC Hospitality 281.65
Tariff & Dale TRDL Hospitality 280.55
Salut SALT Hospitality 280.13
Princess St. Hotel PRIN Hospitality 276.24
Bowling Green BOWL Hospitality 272.6
The Mitre MTRE Hospitality 267.71
Liquor Store LIQS Hospitality 265.8
Lock 91 LOCK Hospitality 258.6
19 Cafe Bar CAFB Hospitality 257.69
Lime Bar LIME Hospitality 256.25
Bar21 BRTO Hospitality 255.46
King Street Townhouse KSTH Hospitality 252.99
Sandinista SAND Hospitality 251.73
No 1 Canal Street NUMB Hospitality 249.25
Campo Blanco CMBC Hospitality 249.19
Vesper VESP Hospitality 246.69
One88 ONEK Hospitality 241.24
Eagle Bar EGLB Hospitality 240.88
Lost In Tokyo TOKY Hospitality 239.83
Waldorf TWLD Hospitality 238.54
Behind Closed Doors BECD Hospitality 236.65
Wine and Wallop WWLP Hospitality 234.78
Track Brewing Co TRBR Hospitality 234.64
B-Lounge BLGE Hospitality 229.51
Piccadilly Tap PCTM Hospitality 228.3
Ascott Hotel ASHT Hospitality 226.2
La Reserve LRES Hospitality 225.7
Flok FLOK Hospitality 223.7
Mash Tun MSHT Hospitality 223.56
OSheas Irish Bar OSIB Hospitality 223.11
Lola Lo LOLA Hospitality 221.65
Brickhouse Social BRKS Hospitality 219.53
Trafford Hall Hotel TFHH Hospitality 219.16
hellohotel HELH Hospitality 219.03
Base Mcr BSMR Hospitality 213.6
The Lume LUME Hospitality 206.55
Kielys Irish Bar KIEL Hospitality 203.24
High Street Townhouse HSTH Hospitality 197.68
Wilderness Bar & Kitchen WDNS Hospitality 182.5
Iconic Bar ICBM Hospitality 173.55
Vanitas VNTB Hospitality 138.56
St Anns Square Apartments STAP Hospitality 135.2
City Stop CTSP Hospitality 131.06
Whiskey Jar WHKJ Hospitality 123.7
Swan Street Townhouse SWST Hospitality 115.89
YALLY Hotel YALY Hospitality 106.83
Abel Heywood ABEL Hospitality 97.31


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