Hacks to Generate More Engagement and Reach on Facebook

It’s no secret that it has become harder and harder to reach people and get results on Facebook. Therefore, it could be useful for you to learn a few ‘hacks’ to help trick the Facebook algorithm into giving you what you want, as well as what your brand needs.

Video and Live

If anyone has ever had a conversation with me about social media, they will know that I struggle not to mention the word video in the first sentence. I can’t stress the importance enough! With the endless tools at your disposal now, there is simply no excuse for no producing video anymore. With software like Adobe Spark Post, Videoshop, Boomerang, Hyperlapse and Facebook’s built in slideshow creator, what’s stopping you?

Post the Link as a Comment

This tactic can be a little hit and miss, so you have to determine if it is the right thing to do on a case-by-case basis. The reason this ‘hack’ works is down to the fact that Facebook likes to keep people on Facebook. The algorithm is designed to keep people on the site by promoting posts with external links less, so any post that includes a link to a web page outside of Facebook is penalised. To combat this, you could try and create a longer captions for your content (which the algorithm loves), and then post the link in the comments.

Boost Posts More

It’s becoming more and more obvious that Facebook is turning into a pay-to-play platform, so if you can’t beat them, join them, right? You might not want to hear this, but boosting your posts is an option you should really consider, and can garner great results in both the short and long term. The silver lining is that you don’t need a huge budget. £5 here or there will do the trick. The purpose of this is to get your current and your potential Facebook fans engaging with your content again. The Facebook algorithm works with this rule:

If the user engages more often with a page’s content, the page’s content is shown more often to the user.

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