Glaisyers vs. Kuits On The Embryo Index – Who Will Win This Legal Battle?

The Embryo Index is our list of companies in Manchester, and assesses how well they’re doing in terms of their local visibility. We use a combination of metrics – some online, some offline – to show local businesses how their website, brand, and reputation match up compared to their competitors. We’ve been taking a look at a few key industries recently, and now we’re diving into the Legal sector, comparing two local legends, Glaisyers and Kuits.

Starting off with the ‘real world’, we’ll dive into the Embryo Index scores and how these two match up. The Embryo Visibility Index Press Score is a metric of how often and how positively a company is mentioned in the local press. Writing press releases, running PR campaigns and creating newsworthy events are all great ways to improve your press score. However, for Kuits, it looks like no improvement is needed, as they have a perfect press score of 100. Glaisyers on the other hand, have a press score of only 54, showing that they haven’t yet been able to fully utilise the power of the press.

Our On The Street Score takes a look at how active you are in the community in Manchester, taking into account events, networking, charity work, outreach and thought leadership. Both Glaisyers and Kuits have very low on the street scores, 13.33 and 20, respectively, leaving a lot of room for improvement.

We calculate the Embryo Index’s Customer Review Score by taking data from a variety of consumer review platforms, like Trustpilot, Feefo, eKomi, and Google Reviews. The score takes into account both the number of reviews and their scores. 

As we can see, Kuits just takes it with 64.5 to Glaisyers’ 55.5, but it’s very close, and both companies could do with improving their scores as much as possible, by getting some great customer reviews.

Now we get to dive into our favourite part here at Embryo Digital – the web metrics!

First, we have the Web Authority Score, which combines factors like on-page SEO, site speed, volume and quality of website content, and volume and quality of backlinks, to determine who has the most efficient, well designed and well maintained website. Unfortunately, both Glaisyers and Kuits have pretty average Web Authority scores, 48 and 27, respectively. While Glaisyers just takes it, both companies could do with a look at their website content and SEO strategies to help boost their score.

The Inbound Links Score is a big part of the Web Authority score, and measures the number and quality of a site’s backlinks (links on other sites that point to you).

Glaisyers have a slightly higher score, with links from Priority Legal and Gsxr Cup, both firms in the legal industry, while Kuits’ best links are from Conscious and the BBC, which is a very valuable and trustworthy link.

This great link from the BBC probably also explains Kuits’ edge in the Establishment Score, which analyses the high quality links from establishments like government and university sites. However, these two companies have very poor establishment scores, with zero for Glaisyers and only 2.5 for Kuits, out of a potential 100. These aren’t very good establishment scores and show that with some quality links, both of these companies could see a massive jump in their overall scores, as well as their search engine rankings.

The Keyword Reach Score is used to estimate how many keywords and phrases each of our companies rank for on Google and other search engines, showing how effective their ranking and targeting efforts are online. 

With a marginally higher keyword reach score, Kuits show they have a more effective keyword targeting campaign than Glaisyers, however, both of these scores are very poor, and indicate that both companies could do with some improvement in the volume and types of keywords they’re targeting.

The Web Traffic Score uses a number of third party data tools to estimate the number of users on each company’s site. When the web traffic score is lower than the keyword reach score, such as with Kuits, it can indicate the content on your site is missing something, be it volume, quality or effectiveness

While both companies have very low web traffic scores, Glaisyers is far closer to the keyword reach score, implying that even though they target and rank for fewer keywords than Kuits, when users are on their site, they are more likely to stay.

The Social Media Score is important as search engines actually take into account the social media platforms a company uses, as well as the size of their audience and their engagement levels to establish how trustworthy a site is. Being active and engaging on social media can help to boost search engines understanding of your site and improve rankings from search engines. 

With a higher social media score, Glaisyers wins this one, though both scores could do with significant improvement. Consistently creating engaging, relevant and interesting content will help to lift the social media scores of both companies and improve their search engine rankings too.

And with that, we arrive at the overall scores, where Kuits has come out on top! With 724.28 points to Glaisyers’ 563.33, we can see that Kuits strengths lie in their ‘real world’ activity, especially their press scores. While Glaisyers have a slightly better website and online presence, both companies have a lot of room for improvement to help raise their scores.

If you’re interested in how to improve your Embryo Index score, want to find out more about the Index and what goes into it, or even register your company on the index, contact Embryo Digital on 0161 327 2635.


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