Embryo Launches Wellness Wednesday

Promoting an active and healthy lifestyle is currently more important than ever as we wait for our lockdown 3.0 rules to ease off, in order for us to be able to take part in our gym classes again. Personally, I have found this to be extremely difficult to adapt to, without having a gym to go to, to blow off some steam after a long day at the office and simply spend time to zone out and focus on myself. Research has shown that companies that focus on incorporating wellness into their employees’ daily schedule have helped boost productivity and reduce stress levels.

In light of the above, Embryo has now officially launched our very own voluntary Wellness Wednesday to help encourage our employees to start the day with an active group fitness session that each team member takes a turn to select per week. So far we have had a variety of Joe Wicks’ Body Coach HIIT sessions, legs, bums & tums, Zumba, and some more yoga/ pilates sessions in the upcoming weeks. Here’s what our team members have to say about Wellness Wednesday…

Grace Nolan, Digital Project Manager- Wellness Wednesday has definitely improved my mental health – I really look forward to it every week and it’s actually helped with my overall energy as I get up earlier every day now.

Harriet Tuite, Head of Paid Social- Wellness Wednesday has made me more motivated to do morning workouts as we’re doing it as a team!

I have personally found that I have more energy in the day after having a productive morning taking part in group exercise with our team. It also completely changes my attitude, helping me stay positive throughout the day. I would definitely encourage as many employers to try and implement wellness into their working weeks to help boost employee productivity. It also provides new team members with the chance to build relationships with their colleagues, which as we know, can be much more difficult whilst we all remain to work remotely.

Due to the success of our morning wellness sessions, we have now opened it up for our team to suggest other ways that we can promote wellness in the workplace that isn’t just fitness related. Whether this is introducing 15 minutes a day to have a coffee break with our team to chat about non-work related topics, taking part in a cooking/baking evening for the team. I can’t wait to see what we implement next!

Keep a lookout for our chosen charity announcement that our team has decided to support this year. We can’t wait to have Embryo involved in supporting those in need as much as possible throughout the year ahead.


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