Embryo Partners With The Franchise Company

Embryo Digital are delighted to announce our partnership with The Franchise Company, one of the country’s longest-running franchise consultancy businesses. The Franchise Company have years of experience helping businesses expand and grow from SMEs into large, successful franchise networks.

The Franchise Company offer a complete service to businesses interested in moving towards a franchise model, and are highly experienced in creating franchising growth strategies and documentation, to ensure a smooth transition into a franchise system.

The Franchise Company can help businesses assess their suitability for a franchise model, and based on initial discussions, design a bespoke franchise model that is perfectly tailored to your business model and how you work. Then, they can create the all-important franchise documentation, including the franchise agreement, operations manual, franchise prospectus and documented franchise model, to ensure that your business will run smoothly during this transition period. 

Then, the recruitment stage of the franchise begins, which is where we can really make a difference. Marketing your business to prospective franchisees means that you can pick the best candidates to help launch your business alongside you. With the help of The Franchise Company, choosing the best people to begin your franchise journey with is as smooth a process as possible.

As you pilot your newly franchised business, drumming up business is more important than ever. Reaching the top of the search engine rankings or engaging with users on social can help you raise brand awareness and create the buzz around your brand you need to help get your newly franchised business off the ground.

Franchised businesses often have websites that are clunky, outdated and don’t follow SEO best practice. It can be difficult to create a site that is well optimised for multiple locations or franchise areas, however we have experience working with websites that have capacity for lots of different locations and services. We can optimise your site to show off your business and the way franchising has made a difference to your business.

A huge part of franchising a business is being able to recruit and market your business to potential franchisees. While we can’t help you run your franchise, we can make sure that everyone who needs to know about your business does, and to help you reach the people that can really make a difference to you.

To find out more about how Embryo Digital’s partnership with The Franchise Company can help your business grow and expand successfully, contact us today!


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