Embryo Hits The Slopes

A team is defined as a group of individuals working together to achieve their goals. This is something that is extremely important to Embryo Digital, as here we see ourselves as one unit rather than individual members. Richard Branson once said “Your company should act as a springboard for ambitious employees, not a set of shackles.” Rewarding and encouraging your team is all part of allowing your business to grow and networking events for team building are a perfect way to do just that…

On Thursday 24th January Embryo Digital were kindly invited to the ‘Chill Factore Beyond’ to try out some of the super cool (no pun intended) Snow Park activities! From the thrilling Downhill Donuts and the Luge Slip’n’Slide to racing each other on Sledge’o’Mania, we all had a great time. 

When we first arrived, we were greeted by Bradley and Laurie who directed us to a table filled with an assortment of cakes, tea, coffee and even hot chocolate! It really did feel like we were in a ski resort having afternoon tea after a day of hitting the slopes. Really, we were being geared up for what was a very adventurous hour!

We were also joined by other Manchester-based companies, such as The Crystal Maze, The Botanist and many more! As we all got equipped with our ski wear, helmets and snow boots, we were taken out to the -2 Winter wonderland. The Chill Factore gave us our safety check for the activities before we all scattered off like big kids seeing who could be the first to grab the double doughnut rings.

We all loved this event because it was so different to any other networking event that we had been to before. We were kept active by running up and down the slopes to come down the luge, and we were in fits of laughter from the adrenaline rush of the activities! The hour went by so fast that we were the last ones to come off the slopes to find the rest of the team getting changed out of their ski gear. We were just having so much fun!

Our team had a great time, and, especially for our new members of the team, it was a great opportunity for us to socialise outside of work and get to know each other better – quite literally to ‘break the ice’. We believe that this in turn makes us much more productive in our day-to-day jobs, thus improving the quantity of work we deliver to our clients.

If you are exploring ways to help promote your business, why not call us today on 0161 327 2635 to break the ice with us? We have a great bunch of SEO, social and content specialists who will be happy to help!


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