Eat Out To Help Out – All You Need To Know

The Government’s “Eat out to help out” scheme launched in August. This scheme gives everybody the ability to save up to 50% on their meal bills.


The scheme is an attempt to encourage people to support our restaurant industry during this extremely testing time. The government hopes that with this incentive, it should at least give companies the helping hand they need to find their feet as we look to recover from the coronavirus pandemic.


So How Does It Work?


So, anyone who dines out between Monday and Wednesday in August will get 50% off their meals, Unfortunately we are only covered up to £10 per head, and worst of all, It doesn’t include alcohol!. Nevertheless, I’ve been more than happy to use this scheme as an excuse to eat out Monday to Wednesday. After all, it’s about supporting our local business!.


The Biggie, Which Restaurants Are Included?


Below is a list of my favourite restaurants I’ve had the pleasure of visiting an excessive amount of times during August.


As you can see, I saved the best till last.


You can download “Eat out to help out” on your app store. Two Manchester entrepreneurs have set up an app that flags restaurants nearby that are taking part.


Unfortunately, this scheme is only throughout August so make sure to make the most of it. 


Currently there are no plans to extend the scheme despite restaurant owners making it very clear that the scheme has been vital to getting them back on their feet.


What else is being done to save the hospitality industry?


  1. Save Pub Life – Launched by the Budweiser brewing company, Save pub life is a campaign committed to investing vital funds into pub’s across the UK. If you’re a landlord yourself or just a regular at a pub, check it out online and see if this is something that will benefit your beloved local.
  2. The Drinks TrustThe Drinks Trust (formerly the Benevolent) has launched a campaign to support members of the hospitality industry through these difficult times and raise money to help deliver support. Funds raised will be spent on increasing the capacity of the charity’s helpline as well as the amount of free therapy services for people suffering from anxiety amid this time of uncertainty. It will also be looking to supply guidelines to individuals, as opposed to businesses, delivering information to keep people informed of their options.


As we begin to emerge out the other side of this pandemic. We are starting to see just how much destruction this has caused to so many people across the world. Not just by direct losses of those infected, but also to those who have lost their jobs & homes. 

By being as connected as we possibly can be, we can start to help those who have been affected most. Whether it’s using the above schemes, sharing a local business’ post or passing on CV’s for those in need of jobs. Together we can help individuals and businesses find their feet again.


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