Anyone for Brunch? My Favourite City Centre Spots.

On the days I’m not creating some crafty content here at Embryo Digital, you can probably find me tucking into the most important meal of the day – brunch. I’ve brunched a lot, and living in the city centre brings me great joy for the sole reason that I’ll never run out of morning eggs-and-coffee spots.

For some reason, there’s nothing quite like a fancy breakfast you didn’t make yourself, so in honour of my first brunch post-lockdown last week, I thought I’d give a shout out to some of my most review-worthy brekkie spots in the city centre ????

Starting off with one of my ALL TIME FAVOURITES, Common. Common has actually been voted one of the top 50 brekkies in the country, and consistently appears in the city’s lists of best breakfasts. However, in a truly upsetting turn of events, Common have actually suspended brunch service for the foreseeable due to lockdown. The day I saw that Instagram post a part of me was lost and might not return until their hash browns do.

Another Northern Quarter spot that gets me out of bed even on a Saturday is Nibble. Their not-just avocado toast is a twist on a classic and their cute, homey vibe gives me all the warm and fuzzies. This female-run, all positive vibes cafe also has cakes the size of my face which is never a bad thing.

In what may be perceived as a controversial move, I didn’t think that Koffee Pot, the all-day-brekkie and, some may say, Manchester institution, was all it was cracked up to be! Now, I can’t deny the great selection on offer, and the “four corners of the UK” breakfast is something I can really get behind (no breakfast is complete without square sausage and a tattie scone????????????????????????????), but for me, it didn’t quite pass muster. Maybe I wasn’t hungover enough, but that’s okay, because my absence means more room on Sundays at 11am for the sunglasses-wearing, Lucozade-drinking, suitcase-wheeling folks who need it the most.

If you’re a bit less in need of caffeine to keep you alive on a weekend morning, Sugar Junction, tucked away on Tib Street, might be just your cup of tea. In fact, it has a selection of more than 25 of them! They also do a rather fantastic avo-and-eggs on toast with chilli jam and the vibe is a bit more “quirkily mismatched china”, than Koffee Pot’s “I drank enough to kill a small farm animal and now I want to die”.

And finally, my post-lockdown hero, my morning oasis in a sea of zoom quiz hangovers, my newest great love story, Dishoom. Dishoom gave me everything I needed and more from my post-lockdown brunch, from the coffee (delicious) to the vibe (fancy enough to get up for, but not so fancy I felt bad for being sleepy) to the food (bacon naan roll!!!!!!!!!) to the very civilised social distancing measures. Maybe distance made my brunchy heart grow fonder, but there is very little I could fault Dishoom on.

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