A BIG Google Update is Just Around the Corner…

The SEO world currently has their eyes and ears peeled on Google’s spokespeople, as waters are being stirred regarding an update.

Since last week, search results fluctuating and changing have gained the attention of search marketers, as it seems that Google has pushed out updates that are causing shifts in rankings.

Although to clarify, Google has yet to comment on this speculation or confirmed that it has happened.

One thing to keep in mind is that:

Google is ever-changing

And when I say Google, I mean:

  • The algorithms.
  • The way Google sees and reads pages.
  • The way Google displays and returns pages in search results.

All of these things, and more, are ever-changing and Google does not always announce or inform people of it.

Thousands of changes occur yearly, but they do not always follow the same spikes that we are seeing lately, which has caused the stir.

For general queries, the industry rank-checkers have published the below graphs displaying the recent fluctuations that may suggest a recent/upcoming Google update:



Advanced Web Rankings



Do you get my point?

There is, without a doubt, something occurring, and it will be interesting to hear what it is (if anything, that is).

If an official piece of news comes out of the industry, I will be sure to update our blog and announce it the moment it happens.

Although, if you own a website, don’t be worried or too anxious about any updates. There is never any ‘fix’ for updates, and updates simply serve the purpose of advising you on how to make your website better for user value. So, therefore – any update will only be positive because it will allow us to provide end-users with better value.

Keep your eyes peeled to our blog for any updates!


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