How We Achieved 700% Lead Growth YoY

In the world of digital marketing, the primary aim for clients, no matter how big or small is to grow. For some businesses, they do a very good job of building organically, word of mouth marketing, getting new business from recommendations, friends etc. However, For more and more businesses, digital marketing, and PPC in particular is becoming the favoured method of growing your business, whether that be through SEO or paid advertising channels such as social media ads and Pay-Per-Click.

For this example, I’ll be taking you through the journey we’ve had with a client that came on board in August 2020 in the midst of a global pandemic.

Who The Client Is

This client is a mortgage broker based in Huddersfield. Since 2018, they have been providing clients with a host of mortgage solutions and insurance products, including home insurance, life insurance, income protection and private medical insurance, as well as buy to let mortgages, first-time buyer mortgages, interest-only mortgages, remortgage services and equity release mortgages.

As a team, they have over 35 years of combined experience.

Not only has the lead growth for the above sectors grown as a result of the marketing activity, but the client has a brilliant client retention rate. It’s very common for people to look solely at a marketing agency for their growth. However, it’s vital that the client does their bit in order to give themselves the best chances of converting the new business.

The Mortgage Sector

As most of us know, getting a mortgage is a very stressful process. Meaning finding a trustworthy mortgage broker is high on the list of priorities when it comes to buying a new home, whether it’s your first time, or you’re remortgaging.

Throughout 2018/19, the average house price growth each year was around 2%. However, in 2020 growth skyrocketed to 7.4% as pent up buyer demand from Covid-19 induced lockdowns was released into the market.

For this client, this was music to their ears as it meant the demand across the entire market meant there was a need for more mortgage brokers.

Who We Targeted

Having outlined the client’s KPI’s, I’d then put together a strategy based on the services the client does which provide the best ROI.

The thought process behind this meant the client was able to grow internally without needing a huge influx of leads from the go-live date.

Key elements to the growth include;

  • Running ads from 8 am – 5 pm – This allowed the client to respond promptly to inbound leads, this is something that can be revisited as time goes on when things such as message bots are incorporated into the business. During the back end of 2020, responding quickly to new leads was vital as users had a wide range of options so they could simply go elsewhere.
  • CRO & UX analysis – Before going live, we worked closely with the client and our design team in order to ensure the new traffic we got for the client had the best possible chance of converting. For me, this is one of the area’s which sets us apart as an agency. Rather than just working alongside businesses and managing the budget they give us, we like to go above and beyond in the sense that we see ourselves as an addition to a company rather than a strict client/agency relationship. We feel this personal aspect is what helps build a solid/long-lasting relationship.
  • Personalised growth strategy – At Embryo, we have a variety of CRM’s which work closely with our clients and account managers to ensure everyone is working towards the same goals. From kick-off meetings, weekly check-ins, monthly report run-throughs and quarterly reviews. We’re able to have a clear pathway to the client’s goals and expectations. 

Each client often has a completely different way of working, that’s why we find a more personalised approach allows us to achieve a much longer-lasting relationship and a higher success rate

If you’re a lead generation or E-commerce business that’s interested in digital marketing, then give one of our sales teams a call for more information.


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