6 Things I’ve Learned Since I Started with Embryo

This week marks my fourth month working within Embryo’s incredibly talented content team. As I reflect on how much I’ve developed, not only in my role as a Content Executive, but also as a person, it seems only fitting to share my experience with others. As one of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies in Manchester, we are always on the hunt for new talent. Consequently, I hope that by elucidating the amazing things I’ve learned about both the industry and Embryo in general, I will inspire more skillful individuals to join our ever-evolving business.

Now, I know this blog may look biased and potentially represent me as a first-class boot licker, but in just 4 months I have learned SO much and become capable of more than I ever thought possible. What follows is my honest opinion and a true exploration of how working at Embryo has impacted me in such a short period of time (cue my boss’ sheer panic at what may follow. Nah, I promise it’s positive!).

The level of available support is huge

This point has been integral to my journey so far at Embryo. As a full-time working mother, having a supportive employer and wider team who are approachable, understanding and flexible is incredibly beneficial. Unfortunately, there are too many inflexible companies offering minimal support to their staff. Luckily, I’ve landed in a business that is extremely empathetic and caring about each and every person in the team. This approach to leadership allowed me to feel comfortable in asking for support in my initial months, when I was less confident, and this company ethos enables all staff to feel listened to. I believe that Embryo is led by a wonderful bunch of people who truly understand the benefits of happy staff members. After all, promoting a positive work culture and providing a high level of support is key to increasing employee performance. 

Writing content ‘the Embryo way’ is SUPER interesting 

Creating content in an agency setting is one of the most exciting and fascinating things you can do as a passionate writer. No single day is the same when your clients come from varying industries with myriad requirements. From toy shops to mortgage brokers and property developers to beauty clinics – producing long-form content for these sectors allows me to continuously expand my knowledge and hone my writing skills. In addition to the plethora of unique topics I get to write about each month, the ingenious SEO tools we utilise to optimise our content are our team’s ultimate companions. Here at Embryo, we continue to innovate and develop our processes to deliver the best possible results for our clients. We achieve this by blending our naturally skilled writers with the following ingredients:


  • Expertly written and engaging long-form content
  • Intelligent tools such as Frase.io
  • Internal and external linking practices
  • Thorough research of each client and their industries
  • Conducting keyword research


By perfectly blending and balancing these elements, we ensure that all Embryo content is high-quality, creative, forward-thinking and ultimately driven by key SEO principles – appealing to both users and search engines alike. Above all, our goal-orientated approach to content enhances our clients’ visibility and increases their rankings. What more could you want from an SEO agency?

The quality of work delivered across the board is outstanding

When it comes to our monthly reporting period, we gain access to insightful information about how each of our clients are performing. Examining this data for the past few months has allowed me to come to the following conclusion about the agency I work in: the team at Embryo are geniuses. There’s no other way to put it. Every single person is passionate about the work they produce, placing our client’s needs and expectations at the forefront of everything they do. Looking to transform your online presence? Embryo (honestly, I’m not being biased!) really do go above and beyond for every client.  

The talent of each team member is immeasurable  

Honestly, I’ve never come across so many talented individuals in one place. Everyone is SO good at what they do – it’s almost intimidating! It’s impossible to identify a team that particularly stands out *cough* content *cough*, because I’ve truly been so impressed with everything I’ve seen from every department. In the short time I’ve been here, we have been nominated for various awards and won a fair few too – how fantastic that?! This is a short paragraph. I just came here to reiterate that I’m honoured to be working amongst such skilled professionals.

The team social nights out are … eventful

One of the things I admire about the company directors is their strong focus on praising their team and rewarding them regularly. Not only does this allow us to benefit from numerous opportunities to bond outside of work, it also gives us that extra reassurance that Embryo cares. On top of the team socials, we frequently find ways to recognise and reward hard work. From bashing a random gong in the office when an employee achieves something magnificent, to simply sending virtual ‘shiny stars’ to each other in appreciation of an individual’s accomplishments – these methods of praise are highly motivational for all.

The opportunities to learn are endless

I came to Embryo with limited knowledge outside of my specialty. However, I have already garnered so much information about all other departments within this business. With so much going on at Embryo, there are always opportunities to collaborate with others and learn more about their roles and responsibilities. Moreover, our heads of departments are keen to encourage our growth within the company. As someone who absolutely loves education and could literally study forever if it was possible, learning more about the digital world is really exciting to me. As I continue my journey at this outstanding agency, I aspire to get involved with innovative projects and learn as much as I possibly can to expand my abilities.


Working at Embryo is incredibly exciting, rewarding and inspiring. If it wasn’t for our CIO, James Welch, believing in me 7 years ago when we worked together, I wouldn’t be here today. I know this sounds cliché and SO cheesy, but working with amazing people makes a huge difference in your working life. So, if you’re a seasoned professional in content, SEO, marketing, web design, digital PR or PPC – joining Embryo could just be the best career decision you ever made.


Interested in joining our impeccable team? Thought so. I might see you soon …


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