3 data science social media accounts you should be following

Data is becoming an increasingly crucial part of digital marketing and business. Data science is the future, with some of the biggest organisations on the planet like Amazon, Google and Facebook all investing heavily in this burgeoning field in recent years. 

Here at Embryo, the digital PR team relies heavily on the accessibility and analysis of data for our creative campaigns. While many people may think that there’s not much interesting in stats, numbers, bars and graphs, the truth is that you can use these to tell a story that is of interest. 

Digital PR is all about coming up with big creative ideas to get your clients into the media. But unless it’s backed up by the right data, even the best and most imaginative ideas can fall flat. But making statistics and numbers interesting isn’t always easy, which is why here we have compiled three of our favourite social media accounts that you should be following for creative data science inspiration. 

1. @chartrdaily

First up is Chartr which, if you’ve even had a brief look at the subject, you have probably already seen. With over 282k followers on Instagram, Chartr is becoming a titan of accessible data science insights. While their designs and datasets lean more towards the more serious and straightforward side of things, this account provides countless examples of just how effectively data can be used to create clear and incisive stories. 

Chartr proves that you don’t always need eyecatching graphics – sometimes, it’s better to simply let the data do the talking. 

2. @OurWorldInData

If you’re interested in data, there’s a good chance you will have heard of Max Roser, the economist and philosopher behind Our World in Data. For hard-hitting data, you don’t really need to look anywhere else. With a focus on topics such as poverty, climate change, disease, and inequality, Max Roser, a researcher at the University of Oxford, has spent years using data as a way of cutting deep into global issues, revealing the truth and creating stories that can’t be ignored. 

Over the years, Our World in Data has become one of the most trusted sources of information and statistics on important issues. Journalists like cutting and revealing news, and this Twitter account is a phenomenal testament to how data can be used to create this. 

3. @thecolourofdata

Of course, even for the biggest data nerds, staring at black and white graphs and tables can make you a bit bleary-eyed. That’s why our third choice is thecolourofdata, an alternative to traditional datasets that really stands out and captures the imagination by using artwork and design to boost the messaging of the data’s story. 

Created by Sophie Shawdon, Lead Analyst at Clearscore, thecolourofdata stands out among the rest. While some of the designs won’t be for everyone and can sometimes get in the way of the clear messaging of the data, when done well it shows that data doesn’t simply need to be told through numbers and stats. This kind of data visualisation is sure to get your inspiration thrumming for your next campaign. 

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