5 case studies: What makes a successful video campaign?

When launching a campaign, marketers may be looking at new and fresh ideas for content creation- this is where video SEO can be a real help. Gone are the days when users relied on streams and streams of mundane written content to get what they’re looking for. Videos are a great method to convey engaging information to an audience, especially with the changing ways that users interact with content.

Attention spans are forever decreasing as consumers demand fast access to info, so videos are great for decreasing bounce rates and getting your point across. It doesn’t stop at just making the videos, however. You also have to optimise them. We’ve put together a list of 5 video SEO case studies that have proved successful in their balance of SEO practices and great video content.

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Using video SEO for your campaign and 5 successful case studies

optimising for video seoVideo SEO is vital for your campaign, there’s no getting away from that. It can transform the levels of success you’re able to reach with video content. After all, videos are one of the most highly consumed forms of content and information that exists on the internet. So you’ll want to do everything to get it seen, right?

Utilising video SEO for your video content is able to drive traffic as sometimes video content is treated differently. You need to make use of things like thumbnails, titles, and descriptions to optimise video content in favour of search engines. Aside from optimisation, the actual content of the video needs to be attention-grabbing and purposeful. High-quality content is definitely required for an effective video marketing campaign.

Video marketing needs good quality, engaging, and sometimes even personal content to cover a user’s search intent. Maybe it conveys a moving story to a viewer or utilises humour to get its message across. Whatever it may be, the examples below are clearly doing something right as they’re recognised as highly successful examples of video marketing. Let’s take a look at five:


Dove’s video ‘Cost of Beauty’ was part of their self-esteem project. The ad deals with triggering topics, yet opens up the conversation surrounding these hard-hitting themes, which for many are a reality. The reason this ad was so successful is because it used social media for good by highlighting the harmful effects that it can have.

The approach leverages user-generated content to add a level of relatability and establishes its brand image at the same time. Through the video marketing campaign, Dove solidifies itself as an empathetic brand whose products you can trust in a world of harmful beauty standards.


If you’re a foodie, you may have heard of ‘Mob’ who have massive platforms on TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube. They’re certainly making the most of social media platforms and a user’s love for quick, easy, accessible content.

I don’t know about you, but my feed is filled with plenty of cooking videos- often, I just scroll past. However, with Mob, I never fail to be hooked and always enjoy watching their satisfying processes.

Opera Beds

With platforms on TikTok and YouTube, Opera Beds uses Embryo for its video marketing. Their beds provide people with plenty of comfort, and their short-form videos reflect the benefit of purchasing one of their beds. In their appealing video content, they convey the positives of things like height-adjusting beds and dual profiling beds.

Regular video content ensures customers are consistently informed, and the use of video SEO ensures that this content can actually rank.


Airbnb definitely makes the most of its user data to create targeted videos. From YouTube shows, live videos, and 360-degree technology, Airbnb is making the most of what’s being handed to them in terms of making video content. They know how to appeal to their audience while creating something engaging and utilising SEO through leveraging data.

Another great thing about Airbnb is how they take advantage of all video platforms so it’s accessible to a whole range of users. They use real stories and real experiences of their service to give a personal feel to their content.


Now you may remember the famous feud of the M&S Colin the Caterpillar versus Aldi’s Cuthbert. Aldi’s advert available on YouTube uses humour to its advantage and a self-deprecating tone that can build a rapport with viewers. It feels real and is a lighthearted phenomenon that the nation cares about.

By using the storytelling technique of creating characters in their video campaigns, such as Kevin the Carrot, viewers become invested in the narratives.

Final thoughts

So that’s five great examples of clever video marketing that succeeds in appealing to users. Maybe you’ve even seen some of these videos yourself! The point is, they’ve all utilised video SEO techniques to grow traffic while creating high-quality content that viewers engage with online.

Want a hand with your video SEO or digital marketing in general? Our expert team is happy to help! Feel free to contact our team with any questions you may have. To see the success we generate, why not have a browse at our case studies? Pick a brand you can trust to handle your video marketing.

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