Facts about Rich Results

Since 2016 webmasters have been using rich results to create SERP results that are packed with helpful information and context.

From job advertisements to featured snippets, rich results take many forms. No matter what form they take, they all have one thing in common, they are very effective in an organic search environment.

In a world where people want information instantly, rich results satisfy that demand and offer that bridge between users thinking about clicking on a result and them actually heading to that site.

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Briefly, what are rich results?

Have you ever noticed when you Google a question the answer immediately appears at the very top of the search results page, without you having to click on a link? That’s a rich result.

Here you can a perfect example of a rich result. We’ve asked Google who won Best Actor in 2015 and the answer is there immediately.

oscar winner 2015

(Source: Google)

Behind any rich result is something called Schema Markup which is a form of structured data. Structured data is just the way you build certain parts of your content that informs Google that you wish for this part of that, for example, a product page or blog to be seen as a ‘rich result’

24 need-to-know facts about rich results

  1. They used to be called rich results
  2. There is no guarantee Google will reward you with rich results!
  3. Rich results are not the same as schema and structured data
  4. The Knowledge Graph is a type of rich result…
  5. … and so are featured snippets
  6. Whatever structured data you add to a desktop version of your site, you must add it to the mobile version too
  7. Structured data is the key to rich results, the correct schema markup will let Google know what you want info you want to appear in the SERP
  8. Avoid using third-party schema creators, stick to Google’s own
  9. Having optimised, thorough rich results has no direct bearing on your rankings, however, it’s a good thing to do anyway
  10. Google Search Console doesn’t support all types of rich results
  11. You can have not one, not two, but three types of rich results on any given page
  12. Google has a Rich Results Testing Tool which you should definitely use
  13. Rich results can take weeks to appear. Google is very busy looking at new content and indexing it all the time, be patient!
  14. There are rich results and then there are rich results. Offering up as much info as possible will enhance your results
  15. Let a dedicated markup tool automate this process for you
  16. There are a whopping 32 different types of rich results
  17. Test test test. Using the rich result tool to see how they look
  18. Google will remove your rich result from the SERP if it violates the guidelines
  19. Even worse you can receive a manual action if Google thinks you’ve spammed rich results
  20. If your content is no longer relevant, Google won’t show the rich result
  21. Missing a required property from your structured data? Google won’t let the ‘rich’ element of the result appear
  22. So, if Google says to include a recommended property, include it!
  23. Make sure you add rich results on all duplicate pages, not just the canonical page
  24. Want to check if rich results are implemented correctly? Head to Google’s search bar and use the ‘site: command’ query

Should I spend time optimising for rich results?

In short, yes.

Rich results are one of many ways Google is making the search process easier for users, allowing them to access as much information as possible in as few clicks as possible.

For eCommerce sites that could have dozens of product pages, all of which rank for a variety of high-intent keywords, having immediately available information can be the difference between a sale for you, and a sale for your competitor.

Adam Chapman, Technical SEO at Embryo, thinks optimising for rich results is a must.

“At Embryo we optimise for rich results. It’s a non-negotiable. We’ve seen the SERP change so much over the last few years that not doing all we can to ensure a brand can be spotted on the SERP would be a disservice.

“The number of rich results that a brand can be found for is very exciting too and having a presence across all possible types can help to increase the trust someone has with a brand.

“At the very least, optimising for rich results gives a brand the opportunity to stand out on SERPs that are packed with different features and media.”

Get rich results quick with Embryo

Rich results form an important part of a wider technical SEO effort here at Embryo.

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