What are Rich Results?

For many years now, search engines have been making technical improvements to their algorithms to make it easier for users to find the information they are after.

One of the ways that Google has been making it easier is by introducing a feature in their search engine results page (SERP) called Rich Results.

This type of search result highlights information boldly and more clearly and ensures that the SERP matches the intent behind the user’s query. The changing landscape and the greater array of devices used to search for information have seen this adjustment in the way information is presented.

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Expensive or a cheap trick? What are Rich Results?

A Rich Result is a more contextual search result that you’ll find on most search results pages these days.

There are many types of results like these with each type meeting different user intents.

These types of results are often seen when you type a product name into Google’s search bar or ask it a question and are achieved by brands when they implement the appropriate structured data.

Well-structured data makes it easier for search engines to better understand your content and display more of it on their SERPs.

Essentially, Rich Results just offers more information than standard results and enhances your website’s visibility. By enhancing visibility, a brand can stand out on a page amongst its competitors.

Types of results

As mentioned, there are many types of Rich Results. As search engine result pages adapt to more demanding, impatient users, hungry for faster results, the need to provide greater context immediately becomes more important.

Review snippets

seo agency rich result

(Source: Google)

One of the most common types of Rich Results are review snippets which, as you can see, are just small, concise summaries of a brand in the form of a rating. It may appear small but review snippets help a brand stand out from the crowd and encourage users to trust the website they are about to enquire on or purchase from.

Product Listing

product rich result

(Source: Google)

Expanding on review snippets, the product listing results just offer more instant context for users. Here we can see that Schuh has this pair of white Converse in stock, priced at £65.

For users, they can make more immediate purchase decisions as well as compare this price with Schuh’s competitors. Having this information to hand can have a huge impact on buying decisions.

Job advert

rich results job advert

(Source: Google)

For users searching for employment or new job opportunities job posting rich results let them know what jobs are available in their area without having to trudge through endless job boards.

These snippets feature the job title, company, the type of employment (full-time, part-time etc). Spending time adding the appropriate schema to their site brands can significantly speed up the recruitment process and ensure their job roles are as visible as possible.

Why spend time optimising for them? Here are three reasons

Rich Results result from structured data and yet, even then, this type of data could be extracted from Google without you adding any sort of signals (though this information can sometimes be inaccurate). Ultimately, the reason you should optimise for it is to ensure your products, services, and brand are as visible as possible.

Now with that being said, optimising for Rich Results doesn’t affect your ranking. Having this structured data will not directly impact whether you rank tenth, fifth, or first for a term but their indirect, E-E-A-T benefits are certainly worth their time.

Boost your click-through rate

One such indirect benefit is the click-through rate! Results with more context around them on the search page are going to enjoy more traffic to that page than just a regular search listing. By adding more information upfront users are more likely to trust that website/brand over a competitor because they are more informed.

Drive traffic with intent

More context upfront allows users to self-assess whether your product, service, or job is right for them. Sure, for some, it might not be and they might go elsewhere but for those who it is right for, you’ll become the place for them. Driving more relevant, qualified traffic to your site will more likely lead to increased conversion and enquiry rates.

Build immediate trust with your audiences

Showing off those positive reviews, stock availability, and price points early on and users immediately create a connection with your brand, especially over a site that hasn’t bothered to do that.

Rich Results play strongly into the wider Experience-Expertise-Authorirty-Trust (E-E-A-T) signals that play a huge part, online at least, in achieving sustained online visibility.

How do I create these types of results?

Getting Rich Snippets requires you to follow three relatively simple steps. They are as follows:

  1. Select the type of content that you want to earmark as a rich snippet
  2. Create and add structured data to your pages
  3. Validate that new data

1. What sort of snippet do you want?

As we’ve seen, Google supports lots of types of rich snippets from reviews to product information and job listings. So the first thing you need to do is figure out what website content you want to create structured data around. This leads us to step two…

2. Create and add the structured data

Without the structured data, you don’t get any Rich Results (at least the ones you asked for) so step two is critical.

Creating ‘structured data’ might sound like a job for someone with a degree in quantum mechanics but don’t worry, it’s much easier than you think. In fact, Google has a Structured Data Markup Helper for this that takes you through a step-by-step guide. Effectively you tell Google what you want them to pick up and Google will provide you with code that you can use in the header of the relevant pages.

3. Check it worked!

To confirm that all your hard work has paid off, it’s time to check whether or not your page supports Rich Results.

Thankfully, like in step two, Google has got your back! They have a Rich Results Testing tool in which you can put the relevant URL and it will show you whether or not it detects the structured data.

More than get rich quick, optimise for Rich Results today

At Embryo, we use our collective technical expertise to optimise all facets of your campaigns so that Google cannot help but recognise an authoritative and trustworthy website.

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