Is PPC Going to Help You Launch Your New Site?

If you’re planning to launch a new site, a PPC strategy may be in the running for your marketing campaign. It’s a great way to generate those clicks onto your landing page, especially when organic traffic hasn’t had time to generate. But how do you know if it’s going to benefit your site launch?

Often, it can be hard to gauge whether you should be delving right into PPC with a brand new site- how will you know if it’s the right decision until it’s been made? We’re here to help you make that decision and discuss some benefits of opting for PPC. You want to be confident and reassured in your decision, and we’re here to do just that.

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Benefits of PPC

To get started, let’s take a look at some general benefits of PPC that may come in handy for your new site:

Testing opportunities

PPC is a great way to collect any vital data that can then guide the future of your strategy- you can collect this through testing! PPC offers many opportunities to test a variety of factors, including the behaviour of your audience. Things like A/B testing can, over time, help you see what users interact with best. This is a plus for launching your new site as testing kickstarts the collection of valuable information that then helps you gain better results in the long run.

Quick implementation

Results can appear much more quickly with a PPC strategy as opposed to other forms of marketing. This is beneficial for launching a new site as you want users to find your site as quickly as possible to improve its visibility. And visibility is getting increasingly more vital with such a competitive landscape.

Target the traffic you want

As keywords come into play quite heavily in PPC, you can specifically target who you want to see your ad. Even with things like negative keywords, you can also refine what keywords you appear for to reduce unnecessary clicks. If you reach those customers who are most likely to be searching for your product or service, then your ROI (return on investment) is likely to increase.

Cater to your investment

The brilliant thing about PPC is that even with a smaller budget, you can still do great things. You can morph the campaign to fit around whatever you’re willing to spend, so it can actually be really flexible. Scaling your campaign may just be a vision for the future, but it can become reality in time. The beauty is that whatever you spend is easily adjustable.

Choosing a PPC strategy for your new site

With competition forever soaring, if you’ve got a smaller budget then it can be hard to know if investing in PPC is worth it for a new site. Well, even if your campaign is small at first, it can definitely provide some worthwhile benefits.

Creating a PPC campaign gives both you and Google access to valuable data that can affect your ranking position. For example, the traffic data gained from the campaign allows Google to rank your site with the little data it has. You’re gaining more potential customers as other organic factors haven’t had a chance to kick in.

The most common path taken to get to any site is through using the search engine. Therefore, visibility on the SERP is key. And with each passing day in the marketing sphere, gaining visibility through organic methods alone is becoming increasingly more tough, especially for starter sites. So PPC can help obtain that essential traffic.

How PPC can benefit SEO

Thinking about the long term results and direction of your new site is key. So looking at how it can benefit other areas of marketing, such as SEO, can be helpful. SEO is also reliant on the amount of traffic you get in order to push you up the rankings, so if PPC is generating more traffic, it can be beneficial to how Google sees your site.

Both PPC and SEO can also go hand in hand for keyword research. SEO can take the data from PPC keyword research to inform what users interact with best. Having PPC and SEO work hand in hand is the dream team, so this is definitely something to consider as a long term plan for your new site.

How Embryo can help you launch your new site

At Embryo, we understand how important a well-crafted PPC campaign is to the success of your business. Our PPC campaign managers go above and beyond to enhance the performance of your site, and we hit the ground running when it comes to helping you launch a new site. Interested? You can speak to a member of our team to answer any digital marketing questions you may have.

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