Questions for your PPC Campaign Manager

Every PPC campaign should have a PPC Campaign Manager in order to ensure that campaigns and strategies are running smoothly.

A PPC manager or PPC consultant is someone who is responsible for running PPC campaigns and monitoring paid search budgets. Their goal should be to ensure that their online marketing campaigns are getting the highest return on investment.

In this blog, we will go into more detail about PPC campaign managers, including their roles and responsibilities. We will also cover 5 of the most important questions you should be asking your PPC Campaign Manager.


  • What is a PPC Campaign Manager?
  • What does a PPC Campaign Manager do?
  • 5 questions to ask your PPC Campaign Manager
  • Conclusion

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What does a PPC Campaign Manager do?

A PPC Campaign Manager, or a Pay Per Click Campaign Manager, is a job role given to someone to manage a PPC campaign. Essentially, they will be the person overseeing an entire company’s PPC ad strategy and budget and will be responsible for setting and accomplishing goals.

Now that you are familiar with the job title, we can go into a little bit more detail about the role.

Responsibilities for a PPC Campaign Manager may include the following:

  • Participating in forming effective paid search strategies
  • Launching and optimising various PPC campaigns
  • Overseeing accounts on search platforms
  • Being involved in keyword selection and audience targeting
  • Monitoring budget and adjusting bids

Essentially, a PPC manager needs to have lots of knowledge and experience in PPC ads and campaigns!

5 questions to ask your PPC Campaign Manager

If you need a bit more of an insight into the role, we suggest asking your PPC manager these questions:

  1. Which keywords have generated the most enquiries over the last 30 days?
  2. What does our targeting look like?
  3. What is our average search position?
  4. Is anything we are targeting ineffective in terms of the conversions we are getting?
  5. How do you set expectations for a PPC campaign?

Let’s explore these questions in a bit more detail.

1 – Which keywords have generated the most enquiries over the last 30 days?

This is an effective question to ask because understanding which exact keywords are driving sales is integral when operating in competitive market places. This can be vital for deciding your key word strategy.

Keyword research is key to the success of any marketing campaign. It is vital to undertake such research because keywords help you understand what users are looking for and the content you need to produce to reach them.

2 – What does our targeting look like?

If you are an advertiser, you should know your customer base better than your agency does. Therefore, you need to know where, when, and how consumers are interacting with your ads.

This question will ensure that your ads aren’t being displayed at the wrong time of day, in the wrong zip code, or for the wrong search terms. Asking questions like this allows you to get specific information out of your PPC campaign manager.

3 – What is our average search position? How does this impact our CPA?

Impressions show you how many times your ad was shown in search results. CPA (Cost Per Action) measures how much it costs to acquire a paying customer. This is an important question as ranking fluctuations an help you understand and elevate customer acquisition strategy.

Moving up one place in the search results can boost your CPA significantly. Everybody obviously wants to rank top on Google however, a positive average position is anywhere between 25-1. Asking these types of questions can understand rankings better.

4 – Is anything we are targeting ineffective in terms of the conversions we are getting?

If you don’t ask your PPC campaign manager about your ads ineffectiveness, then you can’t go about fixing it. If your goal is to increase conversion, then you need to stay flexible. So, if your targets have grown ineffective, then you need to work with your PPC campaign manager to come up with new, more effective goals.

ECommerce marketing moves quickly, therefore you want to be adaptable and ready for change. It is important to acknowledge that and make changes accordingly.

5 – How do you set expectations for a PPC campaign?

Asking this to your PPC campaign manager will give you insight into how to properly plan and set goals for a PPC campaign. Not only will it provide you with knowledge and educate you about campaigns, it will give you inspiration to sit down and create specific expectations and goals.

They might know about things like funnel display network campaigns in detail and can give you tips about budget and conversions. They can teach you realities and perhaps be realistic with their expectations.

We hope that these questions will be useful for approaching your PPC Campaign Manager. Whether you want to understand more about their role, or need their input to lead a PPC campaign, we are sure that these questions are useful and helpful!

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