Your Guide To Being A Goal-Getter: How To Stick To Your Goals And Smash Them

With a new month on the horizon, there’s no better time to talk about setting goals. Having a goal to achieve can be a great source of motivation which is especially important when you face challenges, and it also provides focus and direction. And, who doesn’t love the personal satisfaction of achieving a goal? Whether that’s achieving a promotion, passing an exam or simply ticking something off your daily to-do list, achieving a goal can give you a much-needed boost! Those who set goals are also said to experience less stress, have more confidence and have greater productivity.

My colleague, Grace, has discussed the benefits of setting goals and how to set a good one. So whilst many people are familiar with these aspects of goal-setting, they often find it hard to stick to a goal once it’s been set. In this blog, I’ll provide some tips and tricks to help you master being a goal-getter! If you find it easy enough to set a goal but then a challenge to see it through and achieve it, keep on reading!

How to stick to your goals

Plan carefully

If there are several steps you need to take to reach your end goal, then it’s important to establish a plan. If it’s a work-related goal, like completing a project for a client, think about the different tasks that are required, who’s involved, who you need to delegate work to and what the timescale is. You can use these key points to draft a plan of action – having a clear plan can help you to stay on track.

Even if you’re conquering a personal goal, a plan may still be useful. Take renovating your home as an example. You’ll need to plan whether you need tradespeople, what you need to purchase, and the cost of the project amongst other key factors too. Setting out this information will give you a clearer indication of timelines and then you can form a plan.

If your end goal is to complete a big project, try breaking the process down into smaller goals to achieve, to make the process easier!

Ask for help along the way if it’s needed

Once you’ve set your goal, you may find that you’ve bitten off more than you can chew. Not only that, but sometimes things crop up that can slow down our progress. If your goal allows, don’t be afraid to ask for help along the way if it’s needed! That way, you’ve got a greater chance of achieving your goal.

What ‘help’ is will all depend on the nature of your goal. It might mean delegating a task to someone else so you eliminate distractions and can focus on achieving your goal. It might mean asking someone to support you in achieving the goal itself. It could even be just a boost of morale and motivation from a friend – for example, if your goal is gym-related, you might benefit from having a friend there to spur you on and keep you accountable!

Master that can-do attitude!

It’s natural to feel like you’re lacking motivation sometimes, but it helps to know how to pick yourself up and dust yourself off to go again! Having a can-do attitude can take you a long way to achieving those goals.

But, how exactly do you develop this attitude? There are many ways to do this, some of which include accepting and learning from your mistakes, developing a growth mindset and making the most of opportunities that come your way. Whilst not directly linked to goals, these methods can help to change your outlook on life and on success more generally which, of course, all helps when you’ve got goals to smash!

Set yourself a reward

When you set a goal, set yourself a reward too. Not only will this keep you motivated to complete your goal, but you deserve a reward for your hard work too! Rewards can be as little or as extravagant as you’d like, depending on the size of your goal too of course. If you’ve got that promotion you’ve been working towards or you’ve passed the exam you’ve been working for, you might decide a night away is on the cards! If you’ve done something on a smaller scale like decluttering your home or doing some decorating, you may decide to kick back and relax with a nice meal and a well-deserved drink!

Whatever your preference, setting a reward is important. It’ll give you a boost when you feel like your motivation is low, and it’s a great way to celebrate what you’ve achieved. Then, you’ll be ready to tackle the next goal head-on!

Think about the end product

A common reason for failing to achieve a goal is a lack of motivation. Perhaps things feel stressful or tough, or you simply can’t be bothered to work towards the goal. To keep your motivation high, think about the end product. You set yourself that goal for a reason, and it usually means that the end product will be of value to you, or somebody else. Think about that end product, as well as the feeling of accomplishment once you’ve done it!

Now…over to you!

Here at Embryo, our teams set personal and department goals on a monthly basis. At the start of every month, we note down what we want to achieve and give ourselves a reward if we reach our goal. Not only is it a great way to aid your own personal development, but it’s so much fun to work as a team to reach the goals and then enjoy the reward together!

If you’re looking to join a supportive team and enjoy a new challenge, check out our current positions – we’re always on the lookout for talented and creative individuals to join our team!

If your goal is to take your business to new levels with an effective marketing strategy delivered by experts, get in touch with our team today!


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