How To Write Google Ads Copy For PPC

Crafting strong Google ads copy for PPC campaigns doesn’t have to be hard. You only have a small number of characters on search engine results pages, so you need to make every word count.

Here at Embryo, we understand the importance of PPC and PPC landing pages. Our talented team has been building and testing landing pages for over 7 years, that’s why we are an award-winning marketing agency.

In this blog, we will teach you all you need to know about writing great Google ads copy. If you’re after some top tips, then we are here to help. We will advise you on how to write Google ads copy and teach you about some copy tricks to elevate your PPC campaigns.

Tips For Writing The Best Copy For Google Ads

To start, here are some best practices you can take for writing the best ad copy for Google ads:

  • Use keywords that match what people are searching for
  • Match the specificity of your potential customers
  • Use ad extensions
  • Leverage dynamic features to customise copy
  • Include a call to action
  • Follow through on promises you are making

We will look at some of these in a bit more detail, as well as telling you how to write copy for Google ads.

Keywords In Ad Copy

Adding keywords to Google ads is fairly simple, but it’s important to make sure the keywords are being used well. Don’t add in loads just for the sake of it. An ad with too many keywords probably won’t convey the right message and could actually be worse than an ad with no keywords.

Keyword placement in ads can also play a large role. Testing this ensures that you can find out which is the best placement for you.

Using A Call To Action

Using a call to action, or a CTA, in Google ads helps to frame the visitor’s experience. Once visitors understand what you want them to do, it can help weed out people who aren’t interested. This can help you to save the cost of the click.

Once a visitor has had their expectations set with the ad copy, they should click through to a landing page that mirrors the same call to action. If your call to action is ‘Buy Now’, they should be given the opportunity to buy on the landing page.

How To Write Copy For Google Ads

There are different types of Google ads, but you’ll almost always need copy for these components:

  • Headline – A headline is the most critical part of your ad text as it is the first thing that consumers will read. Some Google ads have just one headline, whilst others have two or three. Try to include words that your target audience have likely used in their Google search.
  • Display URL – A display URL is the web address that appears on your ad, which gives customers an idea about where they’ll arrive after they click. Remember, the actual URL of your landing page can be more specific.
  • Description – Adding a description to your Google ad means you can go into more detail about the product or service you’re advertising. It is also a good idea to add a call to action which will make people click on your ad.

It is important that you test different approaches to Google ads copy to know which performs best with your target audience.

Here are some major types of ad copy approaches:

  • Features – this is about highlighting the physical or tangible aspects of your product or service. For example, if you are selling mattresses, one key feature could be ‘memory foam’.
  • Benefits – here, you call out the positive outcomes that the visitor will have from the product or service. For example, a ‘more restful sleep’.
  • Problem – focus on the actual issue at hand to relate to the problem the visitor is trying to solve. For example, ‘tired of awful sleeps?’
  • Testimonials – this is when you use the words of your existing customers to leverage social proof. For example ‘I’ve never slept better’.
  • Reviews – these are third-party reviews of the product or services, not from the customers directly. Emphasise your trust signals, like Google review scores or badges from review sites.
  • Prequalifying – a technique for getting rid of people who might not be a good fit for your service before they click. ‘Luxury mattresses’ signals a higher price.

Want To improve The Quality Of Your Google Ads Copy? We Can Help

Hopefully, you now have a better understanding of how to write exceptional and effective Google ads. When it comes to your PPC campaigns, having good-quality ad copy is extremely important.

If you need help setting up your PPC campaigns or just need to know more about PPC in general, check out our other blog posts below or don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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