What does Google’s mobile and core algorithm update mean for PPC?

As Google begins to push for a more user-focused and mobile-friendly web, PPC has no choice but to follow suit.

You might think that the core algorithm update is something that SEO experts should pay attention to, but in reality, it has a much wider impact on marketing strategies as a whole. In this guide, we’ll take a look at the latest algorithm through the lens of PPC and Google Ads marketing, giving you key insights as these updates develop.

But first – what was the algorithm update? And does it affect you?

A closer look at Google’s 2023 Broad Core Algorithm Update

In August 2023, Google rolled out a huge ‘broad core algorithm update’, impacting search results across all devices, including mobile.  Although it wasn’t solely focused on mobile accessibility, the update itself focused on improving how Google assesses and accesses content overall – with a keen eye on the E-A-T factors that contribute to rich content and a mobile-friendly experience.

So, while there wasn’t a dedicated mobile update, prioritising factors such as layout and readability for a mobile-friendly website remains crucial for great visibility.

But how does this pertain to PPC? Don’t worry, we’ll touch on this next.

Is PPC affected by the update?

If you’ve been keeping an eye on your website by using Google Search Console, you might be worried if your mobile usability scores keep coming back in the red. But don’t worry, as long as you’re on it and proactive, it shouldn’t’ be down for long.

The main two factors we’ll look at today include:

Increased Focus on Mobile-Friendly Landing Pages

As mobile usage and usability comes into the fore, Google’s latest update will favour ads and landing pages that are designed to be mobile-friendly. As well as improving the amount of time users spend on your landing page, considering mobile-friendliness can also directly improve the Quality Scores of your PPC ads. It’s a no-brainer, especially when it can potentially lead to lower costs and higher ad positions.

Greater Competition in Mobile Space

As organic mobile search rankings become more and more competitive thanks to the update, businesses might choose to shift more budget to PPC from SEO to maintain mobile visibility. As well as a bigger workload, this could lead to rising costs per click for mobile ads – plus a more competitive adscape.

Wherever your focus lies, it’s still important for PPC to prioritise high-quality, relevant ads and landing pages for optimal performance – whether there’s been a new algorithm update.

Improve your PPC for mobile friendliness

Once you’ve checked your current standings, it’s time to take action. Here’s a handy list of points to look out for and optimise, especially if you need to polish your existing PPC activity.

Landing Page Optimisations

Mobile-Friendly Design: Make sure that all your landing pages are responsive to user action and adjust to fit mobile screens. This means clear buttons, easy-to-read formatting, and no cut-off elements that can ruin user experience. For a little extra help, you can always book in a UX consultation with us to get things moving.

Boost Loading Speed: Mobile users are less patient than ever – especially when it comes to slow-loading pages. Optimise your landing pages by compressing files, cleaning up your code and reducing image size.

Simple Navigation: Keep mobile navigation menus on mobile simple, by avoiding complex drop-down menus and prioritising the most important actions first.

Clear CTAS:  Make CTAs clear and easy to click on mobile to avoid a high bounce rate. Tell users exactly what you want them to do and nab those conversions!

Ad Optimisations

Focus on Mobile Keywords: Analyse your existing PPC data to spot keywords with high mobile search volume. From here, you can tailor your ad groups and bids to target these mobile-specific keywords – ensuring no one is missed, no matter their device.

Concise Ad Copy:  Mobile users have limited screen space, so make sure you keep any ad copy clear, concise, and feature-focused.

Mobile Ad Extensions: Utilise extensions like call extensions, location extensions, and sitelink extensions to give your users as much information as possible within a single ad.

Still in the dark? Our PPC experts can shed some light.

Core updates are confusing for everyone. So if you need a little extra help contextualising their impact on your activity, our PPC experts can assist. Whether you need an award-winning PPC campaign starting from scratch – or just need a little more guidance on your existing build-out – look no further than Embryo.

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