How To Build The Perfect PPC Ad

PPC ads can often be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful campaign. 

Being creative when it comes to your PPC ads will help set you apart from your competitors, after all, nobody’s going to be attracted to an ad with no personality.

Eye catching – Whether it’s an offer, free delivery, discounts or simply humorous. The most important thing for a ppc ad is for it to be eye catching. The best way to catch the eye of your audience is to advertise your best unique selling points in your headlines 1,2,3. Unique selling points are key to separating you from your competitors. For example, Free delivery, Seasonal Discounts, Sign up offers etc.

Meaning – Making an ad meaningful to your audience helps with transparency, for example there are many industries which require a personal touch rather than a desperate sales approach. Another tip which helps when it comes to ad writing is to stay in touch with general social media trends, For example COVID-19 forced advertisers to change their ad writing approach in order to come across more sensitive and meaningful to their target audience.

Balance – Having a balanced ad is key when it comes to PPC, it will also give you the best chance of converting. Finding a balance between unique selling points & call to actions, along with a suitable tone of voice will put you in the best possible position in order to achieve a conversion.

Repetition – Repetition is a big no when it comes to ad writing, whether it’s repetition within the entire ad or ad group, the last thing users want to see is the use of the exact same call to actions and unique selling points, this gives off a generic ad writing approach which tells the user the ad is not bespoke. Users much prefer ads which appear exclusive as opposed to the same old cliche content.

You – As a consumer yourself, it’s important to put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer when writing ads, taking your own user experience when browsing for products and services can certainly help out when it comes to ad writing, a time when this is especially helpful is for a client in an industry you know well, including what makes you purchase and not including what makes you avoid other sellers can be a great place to start.

Original – Possibly the most important factor when it comes to ad writing is being original, separating yourselves from your clients competitors is vital in order to get noticed. View examples of clever ppc campaigns.

Whether it’s a tongue in cheek marketing campaign, or a campaign which uses modern situations to propel their brand name. Both approaches are a great way of getting in front of your competitors. 

An example of a clever campaign which featured Netflix spoilers & encouraged the general public to stay at home during the COVID-19 pandemic can be viewed Here.

Hopefully the above points can help you build the perfect PPC ad for you or your clients!

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