5 Easy SEO Tips for Higher Rankings

If you know anything about SEO, you’ll know that its main purpose is to optimise your website for search engines. In other words, to make it more visible to potential customers. The higher your website appears in SERP rankings, the more likely people are to click on it. With more visitors comes more potential conversions, which leads to more profits for your business and, well, you can work out the rest.

To generate more organic traffic to your website, you need to know which terms people are searching for, and how you can rank higher for them than your competitors. If you want your company to get noticed, SEO should be considered a vital asset to your business.

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1. Target low-competition keywords

Competition might be the tool that ignites innovation, but when it comes to keyword research for SEO, you want to focus first on targeting low-competition keywords. These terms (otherwise known as low search volume keywords) have fewer companies competing for them, making them easier for you to rank for – provided that they’re actually relevant to your products and services that is.

2. FAQ sections can be used to rank for long-tail keywords – FAQt!

By providing an accessible page on your website that contains all of the information your customers could be looking for, you can improve your site’s rankings for long-tail keywords. These are phrases that normally contain 3-5 keywords which are less competitive than generic keywords because they’re designed to relate directly to people’s search queries.

You can find out common queries by inputting the beginning of a query into Google’s search engine and seeing what results auto-fill produces. Alternatively, you can conduct research on online forums or social media platforms such as Reddit, to understand what people want to know, and how your company can provide the answer.

3. Internal linkings will help boost page authority

backlinking is a solid strategy


Creating internal links between your web pages can help customers navigate your site while you navigate to the top of the SERP rankings. Not only do these links make it easier for Google to understand your website so that it knows where to position it in the search engine results, but they also give your company more evidence of experience and authority.

What’s more, by creating pathways between your site’s web pages by linking clear anchor text with relevant content, customers will be less likely to leave your website, and therefore more likely to convert.  In other words, what’s the use in leaving if you’re onto a good thing?

You can use tools like Ahrefs Webmaster Tools. This allows you to crawl your site with Site Audit and identify contextual internal linking opportunities.

4. It’s not about the winning…except when it comes to featured snippets

search engine featured snippets

Google featured snippets are the first piece of information that shows at the top of the page in response to an informational search query – usually a summary of the information a user wants to know. You can improve your rankings by winning featured snippets by matching the query in a H1 or H2 heading in your content, or by restating the question when you answer the question.

Be careful though, as you don’t want your content to sound forced or clunky as you try to wedge in relevant search terms. Instead, you can “win” featured snippets by fully defining the topic, using second-person language, or using a “what is” heading. This will optimise your content to appear higher up in search rankings without sacrificing a natural tone.

For example, if you were to search “what is SEO embryo”, this would be the first result:

As you can see, this featured snippet provides brief information about how, as a “content-first SEO agency”, we can help you improve your SEO through “powerful user-first informative content”. If users can get what they need from your website as a first resort, they’re more likely to build up trust with your brand as an experienced, expert, and authoritative source of information.

5. Align content with search intent

search engines

When it comes to creating content that answers the search queries of your target audience, It’s important for SEO that you understand the intent behind the search. By anticipating what your potential customers are looking for and interacting with online, you can react accordingly. This means crafting high-quality content that not only looks impressive, but also clearly delivers the information they want to know, and in a format that’s accessible for their search device.

Search intent-appropriate content, by its very nature, comes in a variety of forms. For example, if you’re appealing to young adults who are chronically online on social media apps such as TikTok or Instagram, you might present your content in the form of a reel. Alternatively, if you’re a marketing company aimed at other businesses who want to improve their visibility online, you might instead present the information in an informational blog post, like this one.

The tips of the iceberg

So there you have it, five useful SEO tips to improve your site’s rankings and increase your rate of conversion. By implementing an effective SEO strategy into your website’s design and analytics, you’re much more likely to generate more organic traffic to your site. While the work doesn’t stop there, getting your website onto the online radar of your intended audience is the first step to SEO success.

If you’re a business looking to optimise your website for maximum visibility and user engagement, why not speak to a member of our team today!

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