Do You Have Reddit? You Need to Follow These Subreddits

I’ve always been a sceptic of Reddit, however recently I’ve fallen in love with it. Personally, I don’t like using social media, and I stay away from it. However, I am partial to a scroll on platforms like Twitter and Reddit, where you are completely in charge of the content you see instead of being dictated by an algorithm. 

Reddit is one of the most popular social media platforms worldwide, with 26.4 million people using the platform per month in the US. In fact, it’s currently boasting as many users as Twitter. Reddit’s data shows that monthly active users have grown from 250 million in 2017 to 330 million in 2018!

Reddit isn’t just your typical social media channel, it can be informative and educational, too. It’s all about what subreddits you follow, therefore what content appears in your feed. Following the right subreddits can help you massively. A subreddit is a forum or thread within Reddit that allows users to focus on a specific interest or topic and are the backbone of the entire Reddit community.

/r/Marketing (188,000+ subscribers)

This should be an obvious one! There are many people in this subreddit that you could learn a thing or two from. One challenge with this subreddit is the constant flood of self-promotion, but if you can look past them, there are some very helpful posts.

Top 3 trending posts of all-time:

r/DataIsBeautiful (13,600,000+ subscribers)

This subreddit is a great mix of jaw-dropping and educational. For us marketers, there is plenty of content on there that we can use for inspiration and insight.

Top 3 trending posts of all-time:

r/BigSEO (34,300+ subscribers)

This is one I only stumbled on while writing this article, but it’s become an instant favourite of mine. With a mixture of inbound marketing, search engine optimisation, link building and content writing, this subreddit is full of useful information for SEOs.


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