Ethical link building: The sustainable way to grow your online visibility

If your business or SEO agency is looking to achieve top rankings, ethical link-building is a key tool to achieving online visibility.

In this blog, we’ll teach you what ethical link building is and how to link build effectively to ensure your content stays on top of the search engine results pages.

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What Is Ethical Link Building?

Ethical link building is the process of gaining backlinks by using legitimate practices and white hat SEO tactics. The process involves using SEO best practices to build a sturdy and reputable online presence.

The opposite of ethical link building involves using unethical tactics that Google penalises and are deemed as black hat tactics. These tactics won’t improve your online performance in the long run and are a cheap way to boost your rankings on search engine results pages.

Why Is Link Building Important?

Thoughtful link building is a crucial part of ethical SEO and is a significant part of improving search engine rankings alongside tactics like keyword research and E-E-A-T optimised content. 

When Google crawls a webpage, there are certain factors it looks for to determine the value of a page and its place on the SERPs. One of these is internal linking and backlinks.

Google views high-quality and ethical backlinks as an indicator of a page’s authority and value, so the more ethical links you have in your content, the higher your page is likely to rank.

How Does Ethical Link Building Increase Visibility?

Many companies wrongly believe that simply stuffing lots of internal and external links into their content will raise its value and as such they resort to black hat tactics like spamming links. This is not effective link-building and in fact, can result in a loss of authority on a page and harsh penalties from Google.

Ethical link building on the other hand is a crucial organic SEO strategy that increases visibility in the SERPs by meeting the demands set by Google and proving webpage authority.

Boosts Brand Recognition

When you link a relevant external page in your work or your webpage is linked to someone else’s content, you are raising awareness of your brand and what you do. This helps to build credibility amongst other companies as well as with Google.

Increases Traffic

Internal linking can help drive traffic to other areas of your website. When people browse blogs and landing pages they’ve found in the SERPs they’re likely to follow any outgoing relevant links to other pages on your site.

Higher SERP rankings

As previously mentioned, Google has a set of requirements it uses when crawling pages, and one of these is quality linking. If your ethical links demonstrate E-E-A-T (Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness) they are automatically deemed valuable by Google and your page is likely to climb the SERP rankings.

Building high-quality links that are relevant to a user’s search queries and intent and lead users to respected, relevant websites is the best way to ensure Google favours your content.

What Are Some Ethical Link Building Strategies?

So now you know how important ethical links are, how do you create them? How do you utilise E-E-A-T to grow your online visibility? We’ve got some handy tips and tricks on how to ace link building.

Guest Writing

Arranging to write blogs and articles for other websites in the same industry as you is a great way to gain solid backlinks. If another website utilises your expertise, in return you can ask for them to include backlinks to your website providing it’s relevant to do so.

Link Outreach

Reaching out to websites with broken links in their copy is a great way to link build. You can highlight the issue and suggest they replace their links with more relevant, functioning links from your website. In this situation, it’s a win-win for both sides.

High-Quality Content

Writing content that is valuable to users, answers search queries and keeps readers engaged is the easiest way to encourage linking. If your blogs or articles are optimised with detailed keyword research and are appealing then other websites will want to link to your work.


Utilising other creators in your industry is a brilliant way to increase linking opportunities. This could be in the form of social media sponsorships, partnerships with competitors, or utilising influencers with a large online presence in your field.

Build Brilliant Links with Embryo

There are a wide range of ways to build brilliant links and boost your SEO rankings. With so many ways to link build, it can be difficult to know where to start. At Embryo, we have a team of SEO experts who will be able to devise the perfect strategy for your business based on your needs.

We’ll use our in depth knowledge and experience of online SEO and link building best practices to create a unique strategy for you that will provide strong, ethical back links and boost your online visibility.

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