Everything you need to know about zero-click searches

Did you know that over half of all Google searches don’t translate to an actual click? It might not seem like much, but these zero click searches can have big repercussions on your SEO rankings – which is why our experts are going to get to the bottom of it in this guide.

From asking why people search without clicking and its impact, to focusing on what you can do to help your SEO, the team at Embryo have you covered.

But first: what is a zero-click search?

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What are zero-click searches?

In a nutshell, a zero-click search is what we call a result that Google shows the user on a SERP without directly sending them to a website. They get all the information they need without clicking on a URL – which is helpful for users who want a certain piece of information and want it now.

One of the easiest examples to show you is a short-form question, such as asking Google for Sabrina Carpenter’s age:

sabrina carpenter age zero click search

But that’s not all.

Examples of zero-click searches

Zero-click searches can be split into different categories, from factual questions to simple calculations depending on user-intent. We’ve collated some of the most common for you below.

Fact-based questions

  • What’s the capital of Spain?
  • How many rings does Saturn have?

Date and time

  • What’s the time difference between here and Toyko?
  • What day does the 21st July 2025 fall on?

Quick maths and conversions

  • Can you convert 3 pounds to ounces?
  • What’s 583 divided by 4?
  • What is 100 USD in Pounds?

Quick definitions

  • Define ‘dancing’

Local searches

  • Library near me
  • Opening times for coffee shop near me

How does zero-click searches affect SEO?

The rise in Google zero-click searches has presented new challenges for websites and SEO professionals. However, with a few simple changes to your SEO campaigns, you can start using zero-click results to your e-commerce website’s advantage.

“First, ask what the focus of the brand is. Is it awareness, conversions, or leads – because all of that will impact keywords and approach. Zero click searches are a small section of this as a wider strategy, so make sure they are considered as part of your ongoing SEO activity.” Says Cara Dudgeon, Content Writer.



Reduced CTR-

When a zero-click search occurs, metrics that rely on click-through rates can become skewed – causing problems for traffic-based strategies. This loss of direct traffic can also impact lead generation and other conversion goals that might form the basis of your results.

Boosted visibility-

Even if a user only sees a zero-click search, that doesn’t mean your site is lost in the ether. Your brand name and website will appear prominently in featured snippets or knowledge panels, still increasing your awareness and search visibility – so it’s worth creating content that answers those burning questions. More on that later.

Limited control over UX-

If an answer is pulled straight from your site to be displayed on the SERP, you have little control over how your content looks – and how users interact with it.

Increased search rankings-

Optimising for zero-click features can still improve your overall search ranking, potentially leading to more website traffic from other search queries.


Getting your content featured in zero-click results positions your website as the go-to authority in that particular niche – indicating trust and loyalty.

Future-proofing your site for zero-click searches

illustration showing where a zero click search is

Create long-form content

Long-form content gives you more in-depth focus on the answers your users are searching on, giving you a better chance of them clicking on your website to deepen this knowledge further.

With this tactic, visitors are also likely to stay on your page for longer as they read your article – boosting the time spent on page and your rankings overall.

At a glance, some benefits long-form blog posts include:

Optimise your content for snippets

With your long-form content, you’ll be aiming to answer commonly answered or useful questions in your article that can rank for featured snippets.

This means that when people type these questions into Google, there’s a higher likelihood that your website pops up as a zero-click result.

So, should your website start to appear as a reliable answer for multiple queries, you can be seen by users and search engines as an authoritative source.

The Embryo approach.

By actively optimising and taking steps to understand zero-click results, you can leverage authority and improve your content – getting seen by thousands more people looking for useful information. The main thing to do is write handy,  long-form content on relevant topics and ensure they are built for featured snippets.

But if you need some help getting started, our SEO and content marketing team are here to get your website searched and seen.

To get an in-depth plan – or explore your options – get in touch with us today!

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