How To Optimise Your Shopify Store

Shopify is currently one of the most versatile, full-featured, and constantly evolving e-commerce platforms available, and should be one of the top choices for any e-commerce business.

Here at Embryo, we offer a wide range of e-commerce SEO services. We know that as an e-commerce business, increasing traffic, driving conversions, and increasing profits are at the top of the list of priorities.

If you’re looking for ways you can optimise your Shopify store, then you are in the right place. In this blog we will take a look at how Shopify SEO works, and tips you can use to improve this.

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How does Shopify SEO work?

Shopify’s SEO success is dependent on a variety of different factors, including:

  • The number of backlinks pointing to your Shopify store from other websites
  • The authority of your website, based on engagement and other ranking factors
  • The age of your domain
  • Your website’s structure and content optimised for search engines

Sellers seeking to improve their online presence look for the ability to connect directly with buyers and encourage them to spread the word, which essentially grows their customer base and market footprint.

What can you do to increase the optimisation of your Shopify store? Let’s have a look at some steps.

How do I optimise my Shopify Store?

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If you haven’t been practising or know nothing about SEO (search engine optimisation), then it might explain why your Shopify store isn’t reaching as many people as you thought.

Some ways to improve this include:

  1. Target relevant keywords
  2. Improve user experience with fast page speeds
  3. Add visual elements
  4. Create content to drive content to your site
  5. Use CTA (call to action) buttons

Let’s have a look at these in a bit more detail.

Target Relevant Keywords

Keywords can determine where your site appears in search results, therefore you need to optimise your site for applicable key terms to help you appear in the right search results and drive interested traffic.

Here’s how you can optimise your Shopify website for relevant keywords:

  • Conduct keyword research – this is the best way to find relevant keywords. You can use keyword research tools to help you find the right terms for your store.
  • Focus on long-tailed keywords – these are keywords or phrases that contain three or more words. These keywords are better for your site because they are a lot more specific.

Improve User Experience With Fast Page Speeds

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When optimising your Shopify store, you want to focus on building a better user experience. User experience is crucial to keeping leads engaged on your page.

A faster page speed can highly improve user experience. You could use Shopify extensions, such as Shopify plugins to create a more efficient and effective website.

Something as simple as a page taking a few too many seconds to load can cause your business to miss out on sales, so it is really detrimental if your website is slow.

In order to improve site load time, have a look at what apps you are using on your Shopify store and determine if you need them. If you decide they aren’t necessary, remove them.

Add Visual Elements

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Visuals play an important role in the user experience and shopping online. Users can’t physically see the products in front of them, so they instead must rely on multimedia such as photos and videos.

Visuals provide points of interest and are a great way to break up large bits of text. Ensure that your images are high-quality, as this will influence people’s perceptions about your product’s quality.

Adding visuals will keep your audience engaged and will increase your website’s ranking in search results.

Create Content To Drive Traffic To Your Site

Content marketing helps you to boost traffic on your website, keeps leads engaged for longer, and increases brand recognition to drive more sales.

When creating content, you will need to identify topics to cover. Keep your ideas related to your industry to ensure you’re driving the right traffic to your page that’s interested in your business.

Content formats you could use include:

Creative diverse content types will help to improve your SEO on Shopify as you’ll attract more people within your target market.

Use Call To Action Buttons

Call to action (CTA) buttons are essential as they help to guide your audience to the next step, whether that’s to visit a specific product page or add your product to their cart.

It might be a case of experimenting to figure out what kind of button and colour combination works best for your page.

Optimise your Shopify Store today!

Hopefully, this guide has taught you all you need to know about optimising your Shopify store.

If you are still seeking more information, or want to send us an enquiry, then please don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

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