Dynamic content and SEO – what you need to know

As a modern-day SEO agency, we know how hard it is to compete amongst the masses of content online today. Luckily for us at Embryo, we’re the SEO experts and we’ll show you how dynamic content and SEO are the key to SERP success.

In this blog, we’ll explain what dynamic content is, why it’s so important, and how you can use SEO strategies to ensure your web content is dynamic and relevant.

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What is Dynamic Content?

Dynamic content is any content online that changes based on data collected from users such as their preferences or search behaviours.

Dynamic SEO is a type of SEO in which you adapt your SEO strategy based on user intent and trends. It is a common practice across all SEO agencies and is an essential part of making your SEO successful.

By adapting your content and SEO strategies to appeal to certain audiences directly, you’re more likely to stay ahead of search engine algorithms and gain top rankings in the SERPS.

What Are the Benefits of Dynamic Content?

The main purpose of dynamic content is to create personalised, engaging content that helps retain user attention and interaction and drives your business to the top of the search engine rankings. There are a range of ways that dynamic content and SEO can benefit your business and online presence.

Increase User Engagement

Creating content that is personalised not only helps to establish a connection with users but is also a brilliant way of encouraging users to interact with content. If you use data to create content based on a topic or search term a user has recently researched, they’re more likely to see this as relevant content and engage.

Boosts Brand Image

Establishing yourself as a company that produces, relatable, helpful content that directly addresses user queries can have a huge positive effect on your reputation. If you produce high-quality, on-trend, and user-centric content you’re more likely to be recognised as a relevant brand that offers valuable insight.

Higher Conversion Rates

If you include SEO tactics like CTA’s and suggested posts based on content that a user is already interested in you’re more likely to see increased, sales or clicks. For example, if you’re reading this blog on dynamic content and we include links to similar blogs at the bottom of the page, you’re more likely to follow those links to our other pages.

What Are Some Dynamic SEO Strategies?

Now you know why dynamic SEO and content are so important to your business, but how do you implement them? We’ll explain just a few of the top tactics you can use to keep your content fresh and ahead of your competitors.

Keyword Research

Continuous keyword research and assessing which types of keywords are best suited to a piece of content is essential in keeping your content relevant. You’ll need to think about whether the keywords you need to target for each piece of content are informational, transactional, or local.

Going back and conducting fresh keyword research for preexisting content will help to keep your blogs, articles, and landing pages up to date without a full rewrite. Simply utilise handy research tools like AHrefs to access the keyword rankings for your piece and check your rankings.

Metadata optimisation

You can easily readjust meta descriptions, page titles, and headers to reflect current research trends or search terms without heavily editing content. Check out your competitors and how they are ranking for their metadata and use this to inspire your optimisations.

Knowing how to refresh your metadata is a simple and effective way to boost search engine rankings and keep your SEO dynamic with little effort.

Mobile Optimisation

In this modern age, ensuring your webpage and website content are optimized for mobile users is key to staying relevant. With over 60% of online traffic coming from mobile phones, any blogs, articles, and pages need to be adjusted for viewing using mobile SEO processes.

Keep Your Content Evergreen

Evergreen content is SEO content that will never lose its relevance and can remain at the top of SERP rankings over time.

In order to produce evergreen content you’ll need to perfect understanding of long-form content and identify what users continuously search for. Informational and instructional content like ‘how to’ and ‘why’ blogs produce content that answers timeless questions users seek answers to year after year.

If you want a more in-depth exploration, we’ve got a comprehensive guide to evergreen content.  

Dynamite Dynamic Content with Embryo

If you’re looking to achieve top spots across multiple search engines, look no further than Embryo. Our team of SEO experts has mastered the art of dynamic content and SEO. With a range of awards under our belt for our continuous success, it’s no wonder huge brands trust us with their SEO strategy. To start smashing the SERPs, get in touch with a member of our team today.

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