10 SEO books you must read today

Just because search engine optimisation occurs on the screen doesn’t mean that all of your research around it needs to take place exclusively online. If you’re looking to turn a new chapter in your SEO strategy then we’re definitely on the same page. Here’s some of the best SEO books you must read in order to enhance your company’s marketing strategy.

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1. SEO for beginners (EBook) By Search Engine Journal (SEJ)

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If you’re new to search engine optimisation, this e-book by SEO professionals Search Engine Journal is a great way to get to grips with the basics. Known for providing timely, relevant information for SEOs, marketers and entrepreneurs, SEJ’s book doesn’t stray from their usual high-quality content provision. It covers things like why links are important to SEO, as well as covering a brief history of search engine optimisation across 2 decades.

The best part? It’s free to download from SEJ’s website here.

2. Entity SEO: Moving from Strings to Things By Dixon Jones, CEO of InLinks

Written by the CEO of InLinks, the first entity-based Semantic SEO tool, in this book Dixon Jones promises to “break down the mystique and present Entity SEO and Semantic Search in an easy-to-digest format.”

Perfect for those looking to gain clarity on what SEO is and how to incorporate it into a marketing strategy, Jones explains in depth topics such as the Knowledge Graph, the evolution of semantic search, and how to become an entity in alignment with your niche.

You can buy Entity SEO: Moving from Strings to Things here.

3. Linked: The New Science of Networks By Albert-László Barabási

Covering more than just the SEO basics, this book by physicist Albert-László Barabási is the first book to explore the hot new science of networks and their impact on nature, business, medicine, and everyday life. By analysing and explaining how all networks have an underlying order and follow simple orders, this book will help you apply this knowledge to enhance your company’s SEO.

Our CIO, James Welch, says

‘Linked is fundamental to anyone who would like to understand how to utilise the power of networks. Understanding network science is crucial for many career roles, and certainly most marketing roles, in my opinion. 90% of what I learned about network science came from this book, and Barabasi’s other book, ‘Network Science’. Of the two, Linked is the book that will create the most fervent disciples of the subject matter.’

You can buy Linked: The New Science of Networks here.

4. The Art of SEO: Mastering Search Engine Optimisation By Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting, Stephan Spencer, and Jessie C. Stricchiola

Perfect for those just starting out in marketing, or for those hitting the books in order to brush up on the fundamentals of search engine optimisation, The Art of SEO is a great refresher on your SEO skills. In this book, three expert co-authors provide a solid education in SEO planning, implementation, and website development, as well as updated information on the latest algorithmic factors and search engine penalties.

You can buy the fourth (latest) edition of The Art of SEO here.

5. The Psychology of a Website: Mastering Cognitive Biases, Conversion Triggers and Modern SEO To Achieve Massive Results By Matthew Capala

Using real-world examples from some of the world’s most successful brands, in this book Matthew Capala explains how readers can build trust, remove objections, encourage small commitments, frame offers, and build conversion funnels to create a repeatable source of new customers. Drawing upon human psychology, this book delivers a step-by-step blueprint for a complete makeover of your online presence which places your customers at the centre.

You can buy The Psychology of a Website here.

6. Local SEO Secrets: 20 Local SEO Strategies You Should be Using NOW By Roger Bryan

Pssst. Come closer. Roger Bryan has got a secret to share with you and it’s going to enhance your local business strategy like never before. This book is cover to cover brimming with 20 local SEO strategies that will help you to increase your visibility and drive more local traffic to your business. Topics covered include Google My Business (GMB), Optimising eCommerce Product Pages, Ways PR Can Help Your SEO Campaign, and Google Local Services Ads. (LSA)

You can buy Local SEO Secrets here.

7. Mastering Google My Business: The Ultimate Guide to Local SEO Success

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Keeping it local once again, Mastering Google My Business offers a deep dive into local SEO specifics and how you can use Google Search and Maps to start reaching more customers in your area. Designed for business owners, local SEO specialists, and online marketers alike, this eBook covers a wide range of useful topics, from setting up and optimising your GMB profile to making the most of the tools’ features.

You can buy Mastering Google My Business here.

8. Entity-Oriented Search by Krisztian Balog

Moving from the local to the living, Entity-Oriented Search is perfect for those looking for a dive into the deeper, technical details of search engines. Written by a Professor of Computer Science at the University of Stavanger and staff research scientist at Google AI, this book provides in-depth discussions as well as survey-level evaluations of selected topics relating to SEO aimed at researchers and graduate students. Divided into three sections, it deals with entity ranking, the role of entities in bridging unstructured and structured data, and provides insight into semantic search.

You can buy Entity-Oriented Search here.

9. How Google Works By Eric Schmidt and Jonathon Rosenberg

There’s no getting around it, as the most popular search engine in the world, Google is fundamental to a successful SEO strategy. In this book, Google executives Eric Schmidt and Jonathon Rosenberg share what they learned while building the world’s leading search engine. They cover topics such as corporate culture, strategy, decision-making, communication, and innovation in order to give you valuable insight into the people and leadership behind Google.

You can buy How Google Works here.

10. Product-led SEO: The Why Behind Building Your Organic Growth Strategy By Eli Schwartz

For those struggling to generate more organic traffic to their website, SEO consultant and expert Eli Schwartz’ book Product-led SEO has the answer. Diving head first into the logic and theory of SEO instead of offering step-by-step guidelines and techniques, Schwartz explains how to develop your own best practices in this behind-the-scenes guide to online visibility.

You can buy Product-led SEO here.

Onto your next chapter

To really elevate your SEO strategy to the next level, it’s useful to draw information from a wide range of sources. While the internet is an infinite plethora of marketing information that can help you enhance your business, books can be a vital (and often underappreciated) place to gain deeper insights into the history, process, and implementation of SEO.

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