7 Tips to Improve WordPress SEO

WordPress is easily one of the most common foundations for websites. It is favoured by digital marketers for managing their content, and it’s easy to see why. WordPress is easy to navigate, search engine friendly and adaptable- it’s no mystery as to why it’s so popular.

With this in mind, it’s vital to know what’s involved when improving WordPress SEO. WordPress has several plugins that can help with your site optimisation, so utilising these can help your strategy.

Improving WordPress SEO could range from involving technical SEO or making changes to your content creation. Below we’ve provided 7 tips on how you can improve WordPress SEO.

Optimise Permalinks

You can change the settings of your site to avoid your URL being a unique ID instead of the post name. If your URL contains the keyword people are searching for, it’s more likely to rank highly in the SERPs.

Optimising permalinks improves WordPress SEO by acting as another opportunity for you to include keywords. The same rules apply – keep the URL relevant to the postname and make it attractive for a user to engage with.

Optimise Meta Descriptions

Think of your user when creating your meta description. These descriptions should be straight to the point and clear to someone browsing the web. It is vital to make sure the keywords are included for even better ranking.

Why should a user click onto your site? This is what the meta description should tell them. A compelling, brief description of the content is favoured by both Google and users, so it’s essential to consider when improving WordPress SEO.

Optimise Title Tags

Similar to optimising meta descriptions, think about making your site attractive for a user and easy to navigate. A clickable title is important for the user experience and for Google to determine if your site is relevant to the keyword.

Again, a concise and compelling title is key- make sure to include the keyword at the start, as Google reads in chronological order. Having the keyword appear in the title establishes your relevance, helping your ranking in the SERPs.

Optimise Images

You could optimise your images by compressing them to improve site speed and image speed- users grow impatient with slow-loading sites and an abundance of images that are large in file size could be a problem.

Include descriptive file names so Google can recognise the relevance of the content of your images. Or, you could always install an image optimisation plugin to improve WordPress SEO.

Post Content Regularly

Sites that post content regularly are favoured by Google. You appear authoritative and active with your information. You don’t need to be excessive with this by posting every day or multiple times a week, but being consistent is key.

Scheduling content or creating a plan can help you with this goal. The logic is simple. The more things you post, the more likely you are to rank higher in the SERPs.

Improve Your Internal Links

Linking to other relevant pages on your site helps both Google and a user navigate your site, and it can increase traffic for your other pages too. Using descriptive anchor text is essential for establishing your relevance with keywords and for helping a user to locate the desired information.

To improve WordPress SEO, you can improve both the quality of your internal links by ensuring they are relevant, and increasing the frequency of these links- it’s important to make sure they fit, however, instead of forcing them into your writing to the point where Google thinks it looks spammy.

Install an SEO Plugin

There are a range of SEO plugins that you can install, for either monitoring purposes or for optimising the elements on the page. One example is Yoast SEO which provides a range of tools ranging from content analysis to XML sitemap generation.

An SEO plugin is guaranteed to improve WordPress SEO as your site can be optimised for maximum engagement and visibility. It makes this process much easier for you, so it’s worth considering its benefits for your sites.

How We Can Help Improve Your WordPress SEO

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