7 SEO experts from Manchester that are worth your follow

As an independent agency based in Manchester, we can appreciate and recognise Northern talent and the SEO experts based here. Following the experts is something we continuously recommend- it’s a great way to keep your knowledge in check and remain up to date with the latest. And, if the latest comes from a trusted source, you know it’s worth listening to.

So, who is really worth your follow? We’re here to tell you. In this blog, we provide a list of 7 SEO experts who are definitely worth your time, all based in Manchester! With an overwhelming amount of information available on the web, following these experts can refine your feed to what matters- change your feed into something valuable.

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What makes an SEO expert?

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Often it can be hard to define what actually makes an ‘expert’. While there is no set criteria, something they all have in common is experience. Their knowledge needs to be solid and backed up with qualifications and industry experience. It’s a given that an expert needs to understand SEO fundamentals, but they also need to build their personal skills, such as communication and teamwork.

As an expert, they must know how to look at a site and see any potential opportunities for optimisation. Having a high level of expertise opens up many career opportunities, and while being labelled an ‘expert’ is a grey area, we certainly know that these people listed below are.

Dan McCartney

Here at Embryo, Dan McCartney is our expert Head of Organic. Posting about important Google updates (such as updates to search engines to make them more human-focused) or topics like technical SEO, Dan is the man to turn to for anything SEO-related. His experience speaks for itself, and it certainly shows how he is a worthy SEO expert to follow. As well as posting about digital marketing, his posts about personal experiences and milestones give great insight into the realities of a career in SEO.

James Taylor

James Taylor is a well-versed SEO consultant who provides high-quality free-lance services based in Manchester and the North-West. He has a large following on Linkedin, posting plenty of blogs and pages that give insights into areas such as content marketing and keyword research. His guides are definitely worth a read, especially if you’re new to content marketing and the world of SEO.

Alex Moss

Not only is Alex Moss a quality SEO consultant, but he can also help with any WordPress SEO-related topics since he’s a WordPress developer. He’s also the principal SEO of Yoast.com! With these achievements, his blogs on Yoast and posts on LinkedIn about the latest SEO developments shouldn’t be overlooked. For anything plugin-related, he’s the one to help.

Jamie Beatty

A senior SEO account manager at Embryo, Jamie is a very active voice on Linkedin, discussing all SEO-related topics. From industry updates to the best SEO tips, Jamie’s understanding of anything SEO is one to trust. With plenty of experience to back it up, following his SEO insights will not leave you disappointed.

Charlie Whitworth

As a lead SEO consultant, Charlie’s posts on Linkedin are guaranteed to be insightful. He regularly posts about the new AI updates and also has plenty of expertise in the technical side of SEO. Some of his posts simplify complex concepts so it helps any audience get to grips with certain SEO concepts.

Claire Wilder

Claire Wilder is an SEO account manager at Embryo with an active presence on Linkedin. She regularly posts a whole host of insightful thoughts regarding all things SEO. Every post Claire makes tackles a topic in a unique, engaging way and it’s hard not to be compelled by what she’s saying. From posts about status codes to analysing the SERPs for various phrases, there’s always something new you’ll learn from being on Claire’s page. A worthwhile follow indeed!

James Welch

Last but not least, we have James Welch. James’ innovative skill is undeniable even by just glancing at his LinkedIn page. Don’t get me wrong, his expertise in SEO is unmatched, but he even shares personal thoughts and motivations that help anyone in the business. Just a moment on his page will make you feel inspired. His tools like Intermingle and Needle help SEO consultants perform their role even better.

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Hopefully from this read, you’ve been given a flavour of the type of expert talent that exists in the great city of Manchester (we promise, we aren’t biased)! And you may have noticed that we slipped a few of our own experts into the mix, too.

We have plenty more SEO experts here at Embryo. Our team is made up of a knowledgeable, friendly bunch that use their expertise to drive efficient strategies. Why not get in touch? We’d be happy to help with any questions you may have, whether it be about SEO or digital marketing in general.

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