Five effective eCommerce SEO content strategies to employ

With an ecommerce site, you’ll want to get your site seen so you can push your products out into the world. But how? A content strategy as part of ecommerce SEO is definitely the way to go, and here we tell you 5 effective content strategies to employ.

Content is such an integral part of a digital marketing campaign- not only can it provide important information to a user, but it can also increase the flow of organic traffic to your site and drive conversions. With an ecommerce site, sales are vital, and effective content can ensure that your site ranks for the relevant terms.

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Why should eCommerce sites use content marketing?

Potential buyers can be effectively secured by utilising content marketing in your ecommerce SEO strategy. The buyer journey can be messy, and content can win customers over in those crucial moments of decision-making. Ecommerce sites revolve around sales, so gaining customers becomes even more important.

The use of content marketing builds that vital connection between buyers and sellers and can potentially answer any burning questions a user has- these questions may be the difference between a gain or a loss, so being able to address them gives a buyer security and trust.

The 5 effective content strategies

Your online presence can be further solidified with the use of content, as well as being a way to really sell your product to a user. Let’s take a look at the 5 key things you can do to create effective content:

Use visual aids to your advantage

Take advantage of the ways you can make content visually appealing for users, which a lot of other marketing tactics can’t do. Visuals can really help sell your product, providing imagery that can show it off or even video guides on how it works.

Even with long-form blog posts, making the content flow in an attractive way (such as breaking content into chunks of smaller paragraphs) can help massively. This way, users won’t be bored when engaging with the content on your site and even an information overload can be made more exciting with a bit of visual flare.

Aim for unique and engaging content

Say something valuable to your customers. You want to stand out, right? Setting yourself aside from your competitors is key, so valuable and unique content is the most engaging for users to read. A boring description or dull blog post is unlikely to make much impact.

Maybe even try tapping into a user’s emotions to really sell your product- real-life examples are relatable and are likely to make a lasting impression. You really want to convince a user and win them over, what better way to do that than making them feel seen? Whatever the topic at hand, ensure that the content is relevant with a unique and engaging approach.

Focus on the content channel that benefits you the most

Whether it be blog posts, Youtube content or even a podcast, it may be best for your business to focus on the channel that will have the most impact for you (especially if you’ve already got something established).

By doing this, full attention is given to the specific content channel to achieve the best results. However, if you feel like you’re in a secure position where you can expand your content channels to include more diversity, then consider which is best for selling your product.

Write content driven by keyword research

You want your content to rank for the keywords that users type when in search for your product, otherwise how will you reach them and how will they reach you? Using keyword research can help inform your content strategy and dictate which topics to cover. Let the SEO data drive what you write.

Taking advantage of keyword opportunities (especially ones with high search volume or low-difficulty) helps to optimise your content and get it climbing up the SERPs. You can also see what search intent users have when looking for your product, which then helps you decide what content channel is best.

Utilise and include social proof

Social proof can be a way of gaining trust as it is essentially evidence that a user has been satisfied with your product or service. For example, a positive review or rating can go a long way for convincing a user to invest.

A powerful way to use social proof is by including case studies on your site. With this, a customer can have a look at your success stories and feel reassured by what you have to offer. Additionally, influencer marketing can also go a long way- if an influencer promotes your product to their audience (preferably an audience who’d want your product), then this may win even more people over.

Want to know more? Embryo can help

At Embryo, our team of SEO experts work closely with the content marketing team to ensure the most effective, detailed strategy is actioned efficiently. Have a question for us? Feel free to call us at 0161 327 2635 or email [email protected]. We’re happy to help with whatever query you may have. Take a look at the blogs listed below to learn more about SEO!

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