Here’s everything you need to know about PPC site migrations

As any marketer will know, migrating a website can be a complex process – but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t neglect its impact on your existing campaigns.

PPC site migrations often play second fiddle to SEO factors due to worries about organic traffic. However, if done correctly, PPC activity can actually help you during this process – something we’ll touch on in today’s guide.

Whether you are migrating to a new domain or redesigning and restructuring a site, our team will touch on the most important things to check both before –  and after – you make a move.

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Before migration

Check which URLs are being used for PPC

Before doing anything, make sure you’ve noted every single URL that you are using in your PPC campaigns and check that appropriate redirects are set up in their place. That means any existing campaigns don’t send users to broken links – or end up having keywords rejected in Google Ads.

Transfer your tracking codes

In every migration, ensuring that all of your tracking codes have been successfully transferred over to your new site is key. As well as saving you a headache once migration is complete, it can also help with any future reporting. To double-check everything is in order before the switch, our experts recommend carrying out test transactions. That way, you know that everything has been implemented correctly before sending traffic to the site.

Do you have a rough benchmark for organic rankings?

If you’re monitoring your organic traffic, you have to create a benchmark for your migration results too. This way, you can easily spot any areas where keyword rankings are dropping off after the switch – with any gaps resolved with PPC action. 

After migration

Check for conversion rate changes

Following migration, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Has there been a significant drop off in conversions?
  • Or a larger uplift since switching sites?
  • Are different figures being shown between reports e.g. GA, third party tracking?

If there’s any disparities, ensure any tracking issues have been addressed before making any moves on optimising conversions with PPC.

However, it’s important to note that you will probably see some change in conversion rate following migration. That means you will need to boost your existing campaign to new levels, leading to a conversion rate increase with more opportunities to push – or expand – on new industries and areas.

Monitor mobile performance

Migration can be nerve wracking, but it’s also a great opportunity to reassess and spot what wasn’t working previously. This means you could now bid on places that were previously profitable – bringing in unexpected wins.

Quality score impact

By this point, your new website should be showing off why it’s such a key improvement, utilising evergreen – but useful – content and optimised landing pages prepped for PPC. However, just because your quality score should improve (which is the aim!) it’s not a given.

Add that to your monitoring checklist and keep a watchful eye over any effects on CPCs – especially if you’re redirecting to a new domain. The good news is that if there is a drop, most accounts should see quality scores return back to previous levels within one to two weeks. But if it takes longer than a month: something’s amiss!

PPC Site Migration Checklist

  • Conversion Tracking: Make sure every conversion action has a related tracking code implemented on the new site. If there are new conversion actions, make sure they’re properly set up on your PPC platform too.
  • Remarketing Audiences: Create new remarketing audiences based on the new website structure – allowing you to target users who’ve previously interacted with your website.
  • Pause Campaigns If Needed: If you’ve got a very complex migration, you might want to pause your PPC campaigns to avoid issues during the switch.
  • Bidding: It’s key to continue bidding on your own brand name and URL as keywords. This can help you stay visible during the transition.

By following these considerations during your migration, you can reduce the impact on your PPC activities – guaranteeing a smoother user experience.

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