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Comprehensive SEO Audit Services

SEO audits are the cornerstone of any successful organic marketing campaign. Without them, your site simply won’t rank – no matter how good your content is.

While it’s possible to complete an SEO audit on your own, a great deal of specialist knowledge and expertise is required to make sure it’s done right. Embryo’s team of SEO experts can carry out a full SEO audit of your website, saving you valuable time and resources and ensuring your site is optimised to the best it can be.

Read on to learn more about our comprehensive and innovative SEO audit service, or get in touch with the team by calling 0161 327 2635 or emailing [email protected].

Audits Are Too Important to Be Done Wrong.

If you want to understand how optimised and healthy your website is from the perspective of search engines then you need Embryo’s SEO auditing services.

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Embryo was the only agency which offered something new in their approach. Their wide-ranging content plan was anchored to the sales funnel and as a result, we felt extremely confident that they were the perfect agency to increase our online sales. On top of that, their communication with our team was stellar, we always knew what Embryo was working on and were always consulted before big decisions or strategies were put in place.

Jonathan Greenfield, Managing Director, Tablites
What is An SEO Audit

What Is an SEO Audit and Why Is It Important?

An SEO audit is an in-depth evaluation of your website that tells you how well it is optimised for search engines. Carrying out regular SEO audits is important so that any issues with your website, be it lead gen, an eCommerce site, or any other type, can be identified and resolved, creating the best possible foundation for your campaign.

A technical SEO audit can also highlight positives as well as negatives, helping you to identify opportunities that might increase your site’s visibility.

    Some of the key areas that a comprehensive audit will check and score include:

  • Meta optimisation
  • Schema optimisation
  • Page speed and core web vitals
  • Site structure and hierarchy
  • Internal and external linking
  • Crawlability and indexability
  • Image optimisation
  • Sitemap optimisation
  • Duplication
  • Security

It’s possible to carry out an SEO audit yourself if you have access to the relevant SEO tools and expertise. However, if you’re not entirely confident in your SEO abilities, it’s always best to get a team of SEO experts to do it for you.

Embryo’s Comprehensive Approach to SEO Audits

At Embryo, we leave no stone unturned when it comes to carrying out SEO site audits. Our SEO specialists will carry out an extensive evaluation of your entire site, from small websites to those larger ones that have a broader international SEO presence, that includes 150+ steps, identifying any issues and rectifying them as swiftly as possible.

Below are just some of the elements that you can expect from our comprehensive SEO audit service.

Boosting Page Speed

Boosting Page Speed

Ensuring your website runs quickly is one of the most important parts of the audit process. Slow websites simply don’t perform well – not to mention the fact that Google has indicated that page speed is a significant ranking factor for its search algorithms.

You could have great content, which responds to all the signals that Google has introduced in recent updates, such as the Helpful Content Update, but if the page is clunky, you will lose the interest of users.

Users have very little patience when it comes to page speed. If they have to wait for your page to load, they’ll likely click off it and go to the next relevant link, which means you could end up losing conversions to your competitors.

For brands in congested industries that are aiming to dominate their local SEO, having a fast-loading site can prevent them from heading to a direct competitor.

    If your website has slow load speeds, there is plenty we can do to improve it off the back of our SEO technical audit:

  • Image optimisation: Including images on your pages is important to keep users engaged, but large images can slow down your website speed, especially on mobile devices. To fix this, we can compress the images on your site while maintaining their quality so that the file sizes are smaller and don’t take as long to load. As well as images, optimising videos is also essential.
  • Javascript and CSS minification: Code (Javascript in particular) is notorious for slowing websites down, and can make your site difficult for Google to crawl. We can optimise your coding to massively improve your page loading speed.
  • Reducing your redirects: Redirects are sometimes necessary, but having too many can lower your page speed. Your redirect chains can be cleared up and optimised in order to cut a few seconds off your site loading time.
  • Browser caching: When a browser caches a website, it won’t need to reload the page from scratch when a user revisits your website, which can improve your page speed significantly.
Improving Site Structure

Improving Site Structure and Hierarchy

Having a site structure that follows a logical hierarchy and is easy to navigate is important for both search engine indexing and user experience. It goes without saying that users are far more likely to spend time on your website if they are able to find the information they need quickly and easily.

As part of our organic SEO audit, we’ll make sure that the structure of your site is as user-friendly as possible – not just for the benefit of your users, but also because Google rewards sites that follow a coherent and functional site structure.

A well-defined site hierarchy also gives you the opportunity to guide Google to the most important pages on your website, increasing the visibility of these pages and helping them to rank highly on the SERPs.

A good site structure also helps to ensure your site is one that is remembered as users encounter the messy middle section of their purchase journey. A well-thought-out hierarchy allows them to navigate through your site to the pages that are going to lead to revenue.

Improving Internal Linking

Improving Internal Linking

Internal linking is a vital element of SEO and something we look at very carefully when carrying out our site audits. It tells search engines how the site is structured, how pages relate to one another, and which are the most important pages on the site.

However, many websites have a poor internal linking structure, failing to link to the correct pages or using incorrect anchor text that does not correctly signal to the user or Google what the linked-to page is about.

A proper link architecture is not only a fantastic white hat SEO technique but it is one of the easiest ways of optimising your site because you’re not relying on third parties.

Internal linking really comes into its own when you combine it with long-form content. By opting to write thousands of words you give yourself an opportunity to link to more internal pages and create an even greater web architecture.

With a large site, improving the internal linking can be an ongoing job, which we can split into two stages: an internal linking analysis and the internal linking improvements.

    Internal linking analysis:

  • Discover which pages need more internal links
  • Find pages without internal links
  • Find pages with bigger linking ‘juice’
  • Find all improper anchor text
    Internal linking improvements:

  • Capitalise on everything we’ve found

Ensure Your Website is Driving Revenue with Embryo’s SEO Auditing Services

Having done hundreds of audits, our tech team can identify and rectify as yet unknown issues with your website, as well as spot opportunities where they can optimise pages to drive revenue.


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Honestly, the whole team are on the ball 24/7. I have never received this level of service from a marketing agency and I am full of confidence because of it. We've had some phenomenal results so far. Thank you so much.

Sam Graham, Co-owner, SwissTimepieces
mobile seo optimisation

Optimising Your Site for Mobile

Many business owners overlook the importance of making sure their websites are optimised for mobile SEO, despite the fact that the majority of online traffic comes from mobile devices. If your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you could be missing out on a huge amount of traffic.

As part of our audit, we’ll optimise your website to ensure users can navigate it with ease from their mobile phones, prioritising user-experience. It requires a lot of technical SEO expertise to set up a mobile site, but once it’s done you can rest assured that your site is fully accessible to users across all devices.

What’s more, mobile optimisation is key if you want to see your page ranking highly on the SERPs. This is because Google predominantly uses the mobile version of a site’s content for indexing and ranking.

Optimising Your Sitemap

Optimising Your Sitemap

When Google’s search crawlers come to your website and begin indexing content, they’ll use your sitemap to find their way around. The sitemap is essentially a list and map of all the pages on your website and is a hugely important part of technical SEO.

Having a well-optimised sitemap is key to ensuring that Google finds all of the most important pages on your site. Our SEO experts will make sure your sitemap is as organised as it possibly can be to ensure all of your pages are indexed correctly and help you achieve the best results.

Improving Crawlability

Improving Crawlability and Indexability

Optimising your sitemap and improving internal linking plays a huge part in ensuring your site can be properly crawled and indexed, but there’s actually more you can do to guide search bots around your site.

The robots.txt file can be used to create a full list of pages that you want Google to crawl and to block certain pages that you don’t want to be indexed. This can be useful if you want to prevent a page from showing in search results and bringing in organic traffic to somewhere you don’t want, especially if this is likely to have a detrimental effect on the pages that you do want to rank.

Your robots.txt file is a powerful technical SEO tool and forms a big part of our SEO audit process. As with most technical aspects of SEO, getting it wrong can sabotage your success by blocking important pages from being crawled, so it’s always best to leave it to the professionals.

Ensuring Website Security

Ensuring Security

Having a secure website is absolutely essential, which is why we will make sure your website has HTTPS as part of our auditing process. Proper site security helps to grow trust between your site and search engines. Trust makes up the ‘T’ in E-E-A-T which is an acronym that stands for Experience, Expertise, Authority, and Trust. Developed by Google, these guidelines are used to determine how helpful content is on a website – the more of these signals that are displayed, the better your content will rank.

HTTPS is not only a known ranking signal for Google but is also a vital part of building trust with the user.

We may need to install SSL, or Secure Sockets Layer, on your server to ensure your website can be viewed using HTTPS and not HTTP. This means that all information and data transferred between the website and server (such as passwords, payment information, and personal details) is encrypted and secure.

Optimising Schema

Optimising Schema

Schema allows you to provide Google with more information and context about your website when it crawls and indexes it, making schema optimisation an important part of our SEO audit process.

Using schema markup allows you to enhance and improve the way your website appears in the SERP, providing users with more information and value at the initial point of contact.

Why Choose Embryo for Your SEO Audit?

When it comes to SEO audits, no one does it quite like Embryo. Our 150+ point site audits leave nothing to chance, ensuring your website is optimised for the keywords that it’s targeting.

We’ve helped countless clients from a broad range of industries achieve online success, massively boosting their organic reach with our award-winning SEO strategies and campaigns.

We’re an award-winning SEO audit agency with years of experience in helping brands both enterprise brands and smaller businesses grow their online presence no matter what their level of investment is. If you’re ready to increase your site’s visibility and blow your competitors out of the water, our talented SEO team would love to hear from you.

To the right, are five reasons why you should choose our team of experts for your next audit.

Want your business to be next? Get in touch with the Embryo team to find out more about our SEO services.

  • Industry Recognised Agency

    We’ve been nominated for 17 awards in 2023 alone, including 13 nominations at the 2023 UK Search Awards. In 2022, we won the ‘Best Use of Search’ award at the UK Search Awards.

  • Team of Experts

    Our content marketing team is industry-leading, enhancing your SEO efforts and providing your target audience with the quality content they’re looking for.

  • Cutting Edge Innovation

    Our dedication to innovation is unmatched, meaning your business will stay at the forefront of industry trends on things such as local SEO and the ever-evolving needs of both users and search engines.

  • Experience with Big UK Brands

    We have experience working with a number of brands and industries from lead generation to eCommerce. SEO agency work such as this is vital and at Embryo we have tried and true methods of carrying out effective SEO audits.

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