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Reach a global audience with our international PPC services

We’re more connected than ever – so make sure you keep up with globalisation with an international PPC agency that knows what it takes to get your audience converting, wherever they are in the world.

At Embryo, our team of PPC experts doesn’t just reach international audiences but understands them. That means we go deeper than speaking the same language, using deep-set data and smart thinking to produce unique campaigns. We utilise native speakers to translate text, ensuring the right keywords are integrated into your campaigns – you’ll find no ChatGPT or Google Translate here.

The result? PPC build-outs that not only translate but resonate.

We get that search habits can vary by region, as well as industry. Some audiences in certain locations know exactly what they want and where to get it, while others prefer to explore category terms first.

That’s why people, as well as data, are key to how we run international PPC.

Around the World With Embryo

  • Over £2M of monthly advertising spend through EMEA markets
  • 15+ countries currently targeted
  • Paid access to third-party platforms for global market research
  • Fully UK-based team

So, ready to go global? Get in touch with us today and start your journey to international renown.

The Insurance Octopus

Generating 20,000 New Customers through an Award-Winning PPC Strategy

  • statistics arrow 24,590

    Leads at a cost per lead of £48

  • statistics arrow 22%

    Increase in market share

  • statistics arrow 32%

    Conversion rate of leads to sales

Access new markets, new opportunities, and new customers

Here are just six reasons why global PPC campaigns by Embryo are effective.

Country-specific, as standard.

Find exactly what you’re looking for with accurate competitor reporting and monitoring segmented by country.

Landing pages with style and substance.

We produce unique landing pages featuring brands, related products, and content related to the country targeting – so you never get a one-size-fits-all approach.

Investment at every stage.

Our team knows how to focus investment on all stages of the marketing funnel – especially when it comes to taking on new countries with low brand affinity.

The latest platforms.

Looking for a brand uplift? We harness Demand Gen on key-player platforms like YouTube to make a splash in new countries with no market share.

Multiple feeds, unique insights.

For e-commerce clients, we use third-party feed software to ensure we have multiple feeds for stand-out insights for every country on your roster. 

Quality-led copy, whatever the language.

Our team focuses on strong translation making sure that content, regardless of language, is impactful.

Our five-step approach: How we set specific international campaigns

With Embryo, we can get big returns – wherever you need them.

If you’re looking to branch into international business or already operate overseas but need a UK-based agency, look no further.

See how we carry out your international PPC campaigns below.

  1. First, we separate campaigns by country. This allows us to theme budget targeting and personas, too.
  2. We then utilise subsets of data to understand which products and services are in demand for that country. By looking deeper, we can find out what your customers are looking for – so you’re not solely focusing on top-selling products.
  3. Our team takes a deeper look at the market competition and analyses which products or services in which country can perform best. This uses Google Performance Planner, competitor analysis and prior experience/performance.
  4. Finally, we ensure the website is set up in the native currency and language. After all, if the currency doesn’t match the countries, people won’t buy it!
  5. We also take the time to understand the time differences between countries – especially the correct time to advertise if you are driving leads or sales back to a UK-operated team.

Keyword research for global PPC

We’ve never taken a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to PPC.

Which suits international markets just as well, because it can take a little more finesse than traditional, UK-based campaigns.

Want to lift the lid on how we do it?

Here’s the topline on how we tackle keywords for global sales.

It’s best to not simply translate your English terms into other languages. They all have their own unique search consumer behaviour and words for products or services – which is why we treat them as such.

That’s why we utilise the client’s internal team or professional translators to find core themes and searches, harnessing unique keyword research for every territory. It’s important to note that keyword research for one country can rarely be applied to another in its entirety – usually needing separate blocks of research for each one.

As well as linguistic differences, we also understand cost differences and work on producing forecasts for countries – or even continents.

For example, Central Europe can have cheaper PPC advertising costs. On the other hand, countries like the United States can be the most expensive to drive the same quality of traffic.

This means performance won’t be a mirrored image nor replicable.

The takeaway?

Treat each country as an individual account. You can’t expect them all to behave in the same manner or produce the same results – but that doesn’t stop us from achieving incredible results across multiple countries.

Need more convincing?

Seeing is believing. Read ahead for our case studies. 

Are you ready for an international PPC agency?

Some things to keep in mind.

At Embryo, we want to get you set up for success.

International PPC can only be done once conditions are met. Here’s a quick tick list for you to run through – ensuring your website and business are ready to handle top-performing campaigns.

  • 1. A website capable of going global

    Your website needs to be ready for internationalisation before we can start. From good UX to simply being able to handle conversions, our Creative team knows what works.

  • 2. Knowing the cost

    Before committing to a campaign, you have to understand the full extent of your business’s cost to serve said services or orders within each country. From production and shipping to fulfilment, profitability can change dramatically – even if you’re expanding from the UK to Ireland.

  • 3. Be present in those countries

    Your priorities should be market share growth and capitalising on extremely profitable countries and markets where you already have offices or warehouses. 

Why choose Embryo?

We’re the Manchester PPC agency doing things differently.

In other words, we aren’t happy with the top-line data. By using innovative tools and techniques, we delve deeper to gain a better understanding of our client’s unique markets – wherever they are in the world.

This means you get detailed reporting that gets bigger and better results, whether that’s in lead generation or direct sales. Sound like a bit of you?

All you have to do next is get in touch.



  • statistics arrow 350

    Purchases via PPC with an average order value of £15,000

  • statistics arrow 150,000

    Landing page views from social media ads

  • statistics arrow £63

    Earned in revenue for every click of a PPC ad