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Who are SwissTimepieces?

A family-owned leading UK retailer buying and selling luxury watches from brands such as Rolex, Tudor, and Omega. Founded in 2017 by close friends Sam and Jamie they have enjoyed enormous success over the last few years.

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The Brief

Rejuvenate Stagnant Performance with New Paid Marketing Channels

SwissTimepieces came to Embryo after their marketing performance had plateaued and they wanted to improve the results their agency at the time were generating.

SwissTimepieces were frustrated with the poor return on investment and thought a new agency, with fresh ideas, would yield greater results

They wanted to discover new paid opportunities and broaden their marketing mix.

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Our Approach

Targeting New, Interested Audiences with Fresh Adverts

Our paid teams saw a great opportunity with SwissTimepieces’ high order value of the products and we knew that by applying our award-winning strategies we’d quickly be able to increase their revenue.

  • £105

    For every £1 spent on a Facebook Ad, SwissTimepieces earned £105

  • 350

    Purchases via PPC with an average order value of £15,000 from a £40,000 spend

  • £63

    Earned in revenue for every click of a PPC ad

  • 150,000

    Landing page views from social media ads

Revolutionise Your Paid Marketing Strategies with Embryo.

Paid Media Strategy

Leveraging Award-Winning Paid Strategies

We first audited SwissTimepieces’ account, reviewing their assets, copy, and who they were targeting. This allowed us to (a) understand the current state of play and (b) give us the relevant context that would allow us to plan what our next steps were going to be.

This audit identified multiple new approaches to take as well as several new audiences that we could target with fresh adverts.

One of these said new audiences were watch enthusiasts and those with watch collections, therefore had a higher intent and likelihood of making a purchase.

During the audit, we discovered that SwissTimepieces weren’t using Performance Max, which allows users to publish their adverts across all of Google’s networks from one place. By doing this we could increase the brand awareness and drive conversions from the platforms the audiences used most.

SwissTimepieces were a fantastic team to work alongside and their high level of responsive communication and speed with which they supplied us with assets enabled our paid social and PPC team to deploy campaigns quickly.

Swiss Time Pieces Rolex watch

Client Testimonial

What the Client Said

Honestly, the whole team are on the ball 24/7. I have never received this level of service from a marketing agency and I am full of confidence because of it. We've had some phenomenal results so far. Thank you so much.

Sam Graham, Co-owner, SwissTimepieces

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