Branding Success: Four Amazon PPC Advertising Strategies You Need to Know About

The progression in PPC marketing year-on-year is the result of many factors. This includes technological advancements, consumer behavioural changes, and PPC updates to massive advertising platforms.

One PPC advertising platform that has enabled PPC marketing for over a decade is Amazon. Many businesses are keen to channel their PPC marketing efforts through the website for several reasons. For example, it helps brands:

  • Promote visibility
  • Use precise customer targeting
  • Discover detailed analytics

If you’re looking to run your very own Amazon PPC marketing campaign, we’ve listed our top four ways to advertise via the marketplace. Learn about the PPC tools you can use on the platform, as well as effective strategies in our blog.

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Keyword research

In any PPC campaign, keyword research is essential to its success. Bidding on the most relevant keywords optimise your chances of reaching the right audience. But it also optimises your ad spend as you can allocate your budget more effectively.

Amazon has a number of keyword tools to ensure your campaign has the best success. For example, you can use its Search Term Report, which displays the search terms with the highest traffic. So you can gain an understanding of your customers’ search intent.

Don’t neglect to use negative keywords either, as this can help you avoid allocating budget to irrelevant terms that your customers aren’t searching for.

Organise your ad campaigns

When running any PPC campaign, it’s best to stay organised. Typically, you’ll have several campaigns running on a number of channels. And without organisation, it can be hard to keep track of what needs attention.

That’s why when using Amazon for your PPC ad campaigns, you should separate your ad groups based on your campaigns. For example, you could group ads by product category – as you’ll likely be bidding on similar search terms. Or even, you may wish to group them based on your target audience.

It might sound simplistic, but organisation can be a useful tool when it comes to Amazon PPC. It can help you visualise your campaigns in a much more effective way – enabling you to identify improvements where necessary.

Set automatic campaigns

With Amazon, you can also run automated campaigns. This tool can identify which keywords are most relevant to your audience and then bid on them automatically.

This can save you time throughout your campaign process, but also save money –  as you can more effectively allocate your PPC budget.

It’s especially useful for start-ups as Amazon’s automation focuses on high-performing keywords. But it is limited, so don’t neglect to make time for keyword research, and ensure you still perform your own manual bidding strategies.

Use the right ad types for the right campaign goals

Another factor to consider when running a PPC campaign is ensuring you use the right ad types. There are three types of Amazon PPC ads, all of which offer something different depending on your business goals. These include:

  • Sponsored product ads: These ads drive traffic to individual product listings. So if you’re looking to boost visibility on certain products, it can help increase click-through rates and ultimately boost sales.
  • Sponsored brand ads: These ads are more generic as they promote your overall brand and not just your products. This is helpful for smaller businesses looking to increase brand awareness and customer engagement.
  • Sponsored display ads: Unlike the above, these ads target customers on and off Amazon. This is great for capturing an audience that might be at the first stage of brand awareness, and have yet to convert.

Whilst all ads differ slightly, they each offer the ability to promote your products in a highly visible position.

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How does PPC work on Amazon?

PPC marketing is not just limited to search engines and social platforms, you can also run campaigns on an online marketplace like Amazon. This enables sellers and vendors to advertise their products directly at the source – increasing the likelihood of conversions.

Is Amazon PPC worth it?

Whilst it might come with some challenges, overall, Amazon PPC advertising is worth it. This is especially the case if you’re a start-up that has many products available to purchase on Amazon, as you can take advantage of its automated ad campaigns. This could ultimately save you time and money.

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