Benefits of SEO for an enterprise website

An enterprise website is a hefty challenge with a ton of intricate needs. Its scale is often huge, with up to 1000 pages on its site, so it’s important its SEO is done right. Enterprise SEO can help sites of this size reach their full potential.

Larger companies that want to fight their way to the top of the SERPs are often enterprise sites that need specialistic attention to combat the various ins and outs of SEO.

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Why does an enterprise website need SEO?

Enterprise SEO isn’t just for those huge businesses and brands- businesses with multiple websites or some e-commerce sites may require that extra special consideration. With this type of SEO, SEO experts are able to recognise areas for growth and target these areas in their strategy.

Enterprise websites need SEO for growth and for taking a business to the next level. Without it, there’s less opportunity for evolution. An online presence can be solidified, increasing overall credibility as a site and increasing ranking opportunities for a variety of keywords.

8 key benefits of SEO for an enterprise site

The benefits of applying enterprise SEO to your business site are undeniable. Here are 8 key benefits that illustrate just how valuable it can be:

Establishes brand awareness

Reputation is key. A site may be big in size, but not big in terms of its brand. By utilising SEO, your site can become recognisable on both the search engine and social media channels so users are more likely to click on your site even if you aren’t the top result.

By establishing your brand awareness, you are able to expand your reach and increase your visibility. What’s not to love? Users are sure to click on a site they trust and deem as a familiar brand.

Heightens authority

With a great site comes great responsibility. Users depend on you, so heightening authority is key. SEO can provide great link-building opportunities that point users to your site- a backlink from another authoritative site waves a green flag to Google, telling it that your site provides relevant and unique content. Heightening authority also follows Google’s E-E-A-T guidelines, increasing the success of your rankings.

Targets both local and global markets

With a complex site, you may want to expand your market globally with international SEO practices. Keyword research changes to target common search queries in other countries, and a whole new audience can be reached.

However, enterprise SEO can also help you stay on top of the local market instead of being wholly focused on just global SEO. If local markets are still important for you and your sales, you shouldn’t neglect local SEO practices just because of a change in scale. Enterprise SEO can help you maintain keyword optimisation for both the global and local markets.

Improves site structure

With so many pages, it can be hard to track where each of them belongs. This poses a risk for ranking as it’s much harder for Google to crawl and index your site, and also a lot harder for users to find everything they’re looking for.

SEO can create an HTML sitemap that helps keep everything neat and organised. Not only can they help identify linking opportunities, they also help the search engine understand the structure of your site.

Ensures the upkeep of the site

Due to the intricacies of an enterprise site, there may be a lot of work needed on the technical side, especially with monitoring. With such a big site, a lot can be at stake if anything goes wrong.

In-depth SEO audits can be performed to pick up on any technical issues, such as problems with redirects and URLs. Issues can be resolved quickly and swiftly so minimal damage is done to the site’s ranking position, and areas that need more optimisation can be efficiently targeted.

Helps improve other areas of digital marketing

Implementing enterprise SEO can also benefit other parts of the marketing strategy, especially PPC. Overall conversions are improved with a higher click-through rate due to the increase in organic traffic. It also helps improve content, as the content can be driven by SEO research and has to be of good quality whilst being unique.

Ensures a good user experience

A good SEO strategy ensures the site is optimised for the user. After all, users are central to the success of any site. We know that users are increasingly demanding when finding the relevant information that helps their query, so SEO helps form a positive experience for them. First impressions are everything, and a good user experience means they’re likely to return to your site in future.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, you now know just how beneficial SEO for an enterprise website can be! Increasing your authority, establishing a strong brand image and ensuring an optimised site for a good user experience, are really something to consider for your enterprise site.

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