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Understanding data and ascribing meaning to it is one of the most important things any business can do. In an online-first world, harnessing the data and understanding how your customers behave during their buying journey – often called the messy middle – is the key to knowing which channels to invest in.

At Embryo, we understand the importance of analytics more than most, we don’t treat it as an afterthought in the way that other agencies do. We have a dedicated analytics lead, in the form of Sam Thomas, a BrightonSEO speaker, who helps businesses better understand and integrate analytics into their decision-making.

If you’re struggling with your current analytics set-up or want to better understand how to maximise the data you receive from your customers, get in touch with us today.

What Exactly is Analytics?

Analytics basically means the way we analyse data or statistics. It is the process that helps us give meaning to black-and-white numbers. The goal of analytics is almost always unique to each and every business. The reason why a business wants to analyse its data could vary and is entirely dependent on what its goals are.

Analysing data has a multitude of benefits. As we’re sure you can imagine, getting to the ‘why?’ behind why, for instance, your bounce rate is high or your shopping cart abandonment percentage has increased in Q3, can help you combat those issues.

The snag that often occurs around analytics is that it can be, or appear to be, very complicated. The truth is, it isn’t. Your analytics set-up can be as simple or as complicated as your business needs it to be.

This is why working with an agency can be so beneficial. As well as creating campaigns, we can also help you understand why (there’s that word again) they are successful.

  • Big Data

    One of the challenges with data these days is the sheer volume of it. The average brick-and-mortar store, 15 years ago, didn’t need to dedicate time and money to analysing the data of their customers. In today’s world, it is essential.

    Known as big data this challenge is daunting but also provides businesses with a great opportunity if they can harness it. Businesses with websites amass great volumes of data on a daily basis and finding ways to funnel that into something meaningful is the key to growth.

    Platforms such as Google Analytics, in particular GA4, are the main ways in which businesses understand how their customers behave.

    What is fantastic about these platforms is that they take unstructured data and give it, well, structure. From there you’re able to view it as something as opposed to a table of numbers and percentages.

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Analytics by Embryo

Below are a range of pages that take a deeper dive into different analytics tools and concepts for you to learn more about in case you want to brush up on your knowledge.

As we mentioned earlier, too, if you want to chat about analytics, specifically, how to improve them for your business’s POV, then feel free to get in touch with us.