Content Marketing Tips For The Festive Period

We’re a week into December which means that the festive period is well underway! That means that Christmas trees and lights are going up around your neighbourhood, and Christmas adverts and songs are here to get us into the festive spirit. 

But what does this mean for your marketing? Christmas is a busy period, and here at Embryo we love coming up with creative campaigns to help our clients stand out from the crowd. But beyond paid ads, special offers and outbound marketing, there’s a lot that can be done to drive audience engagement through content marketing this Christmas. 

Here’s a list of some quick and easy ways in which you can use creative content marketing during the Christmas period. 

1. Write some roundup posts

It’s the end of the year, which means that you have a perfect opportunity to recap the previous year with some quick roundup posts. 

Firstly, consider a post that goes over what you and your business have been up to this year. Let’s face it, 2020 has been an incredibly difficult year. If you’re here then that means that you and your business has survived, which is something you deserve to shout about. 

Great options for this include mocking up a quick timeline of significant moments your business has been through during the past year, or highlighting some of your more popular blog posts (providing an excellent opportunity to link and drive even more traffic in this direction). 

For another direction, think about writing a roundup post about the news and events of 2020 for your industry. People love clicking on blogs like this, making it a great opportunity to drive engagement – not to mention the fact that this kind of post is absolutely perfect for sharing on LinkedIn and other social media platforms – there’s really no reason not to do it. 

Writing a timeline of the significant events your industry has been through this year with some added expert insight and commentary alongside each moment is an excellent way to position yourself as an industry leader and authority. 

2. Show off your festive spirit

Getting your business to get together in their best and brightest Christmas jumpers for a photo opportunity is a great way to spread the festivity to your customers and audience this December. 

This is another great way to merge your content marketing and organic social media efforts this month. Connect with your audience by sharing what your business has been doing, whether it’s putting Christmas decorations in the office, getting together for a Christmas quiz or anything else. You could even create a Christmas postcard and send it out to thank your customers, which brings us onto our next point. 


3. Thank your customers

Customer appreciation is underrated at this time of year. A little goes a very long way, and it doesn’t take much time out of your schedule to fix up a little thank you for your customers

If you’re B2B, reach out to clients with a thank you email, a custom postcard and perhaps a small gift to show your appreciation. For B2C businesses, any exclusive discounts or special offers you have on at this time of year should be shouted from the rooftops. 

4. Give insight for the coming year

If there’s one thing people love reading even more than roundup posts at the end of the year, then it’s tips, guides and insight for the coming year. Take the time to write about what people in your industry should expect in 2021.

An ungated blog post that features predictions, tips and insight for the coming year is a great way to drive engagement, create a very shareable post for social media, and position yourself as an authority in the industry. 

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