The Perks of Embryo & What Makes Us So Special

We’re halfway through 2021 already, and Embryo has shown tremendous growth over the past 6 months. We have launched our hybrid workplace and we have also welcomed new team members in our Content, PPC, SEO and Website projects departments. The little team of six that we were two and a half years ago is now a very scary team of 40, and we’re not stopping there! Every year we evolve into a new company, whilst ensuring we keep ahead of the curve with our digital marketing skills for our clients. 

It is apparent that businesses are having real difficulty with recruitment at the moment, and it’s no surprise that candidates are feeling concerned about leaving a company they have been with for years, to risk experiencing something new under a probationary period. Job offers are being agreed to until companies realise they are losing valuable employees, which then leads to counteroffers being accepted and candidates deciding to stay put. When you are looking for someone with a particular skill such as PPC or SEO, this then becomes 10x harder as the competition in the industry is growing rapidly. So, on that basis, I decided to share with you all the perks of working with Embryo and what makes us so special. Here are my favourite things about Embryo and why you should want to be our next team member:

We’re all different and unique individuals that share the same passion for striving for the best.

This is possibly my favourite thing about our team at Embryo, we are a family who works incredibly hard for two reasons: 1) to grow the company and allow it to be as successful as possible in the industry. 2) We all care about our careers and believe in hard work to get to where we want to be in life. 

We promote a healthy lifestyle- we contribute 50% off your gym memberships.

Having a healthy work-life balance is really important, especially for those that sit at a desk all day. We like to encourage an active lifestyle to help have a break from our work and release those happy endorphins! To promote this, Embryo pays for 50% of your gym membership every single month, helping you make your gym/sports hobbies a little bit more affordable. Not only do we contribute to gym memberships but we also provide a free breakfast club to the team every morning before 8:30 am, team members can come in and help themselves to bread, cereals, fruit and a variety of spreads. We like our team to start the day right!

Supportive directors 

One thing we are extremely lucky to have at Embryo is two very supporting directors who care about their entire team. When someone is struggling, they make it their priority to listen, offer help, and show support when needed. 

We work hard… But we celebrate our wins with quarterly socials! 

Every quarter we like to celebrate our achievements by running through a company-wide ‘town hall’ meeting, followed by a HUGE social event for everyone. Our town hall meetings consist of each department running through their own presentation slide of highlights for the month, this could include client campaigns, new processes, new tools created, website projects gone live. This is a fantastic way to bring the team together and to be able to reflect on the achievements in all areas of the business. It also gets us in a positive mindset ready for the next quarter. 

Could you be the next team member at Embryo?

If you have a passion for digital marketing and want to be a part of a fast-paced agency in the heart of Manchester, then take a look at our live roles today and get in touch!


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