B2C Content Marketing Statistics

It’s no surprise that content continues to be a big part of many digital marketing strategies and for good reason too, as B2C content marketing is a crucial part of building brand awareness, trust, credibility as well as conversions.

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Key B2C Content Marketing Statistics

  • Out of B2C marketers, 55% outsource their content marketing. (Source: ExpertMarket)
  • Podcasts and other types of audio content are part of the strategy for 25% of marketers. (Source: Optinmonster)
  • For 2024, blogging activity is expected to be one of the leading formats of content marketing that will be adopted for the first time. (Source: Optinmonster)
  • On average, 26% of marketing budgets are assigned to content marketing, with the most successful B2C content marketers dedicating 40% of their budget. (Source: ExpertMarket)
  • For 2024, half of marketers plan to increase investment in content marketing going forward. (Source: Optinmonster)
  • For B2C content marketers, only 40% look at their competitors once a year or not at all during their content marketing activities. (Source: Linkedin)
  • When it comes to content promotion, 73%  of marketers use social media via organic posting (Source: SEMrush)
  • 89% of content marketers mainly publish content on their website or blog section. (Source: ExpertMarket)

What Types of B2C Content Marketing Are There?

Below are a few different key types of B2C content marketing methods that are proven to build connections and generate engagement with your audience.

Blog Posts

Regularly posting content that is informative, helpful and relevant to the target user can offer value to the end-user and can also be distributed through other methods to increase engagement such as social media and newsletters. 

Social Media

Using social media is most people’s go-to option when they want to create and post content to get engagement from users. Utilising platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and TikTok in the right ways can prove themselves to be a powerful tool for connecting with new audiences.

Email Newsletters

Creating and publishing newsletters regularly to your email subscribers with updates, promotions, product recommendations, and valuable content relevant to them, can help you nurture leads, retain customers, and drive sales.

Video Content

Producing video content such as product demos, tutorials, behind-the-scenes footage, testimonials, or comedic content for major platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and TikTok can help you engage with your audience, especially since it’s proven more and more people are engaging better with video content.


Infographics are a great way to showcase data, statistics, or complex concepts in a visually appealing way to better get your message across to help you attract attention and increase engagement.


Podcasts are now more popular than ever, so hosting a podcast around a particular topic where you discuss trends, interview experts and share stories will help to provide something of value to your audience.


Webinars are still an effective way to showcase expertise to a whole new audience whereby you can interact with the audience in real-time, build up trust and create more intimate connections with people.

Video Marketing Content Statistics

  • 67% of marketers say videos have become more important to their business in the last year. (Source: ContentMarketingInstitute)
  • Around 7% of marketers say that their business uses videos to their full potential. (Source: ContentMarketingInstitute)
  • Around 86% of content marketers say that they have seen either average or below-average results with the use of video content. (Source: ContentMarketingInstitute)

Organic Search Marketing Statistics

What is Organic Search Marketing? It is a type of organic marketing which improves your website’s ranking in the SERP through different levels of optimisation whereby you don’t directly pay to appear in front of users like PPC (pay-per-click).

  • When users are shopping, it turns out 53% of shoppers always research for better options before deciding to buy. (Source: ExpertMarket)
  • Out of all marketers, 69% of them have decided to dedicate their budget to SEO (Source: ExpertMarket)
  • Going forward into this year, 88% of marketers who are already investing in SEO plan to continue to invest in this channel. (Source: ExpertMarket)

Podcast Marketing Statistics

  • 25% of marketers have decided to utilise podcasts as part of their content marketing strategy. (Source: HubSpot)
  • Out of all consumers, 86% of them remember podcast ads more than ads through any other channel. (Source: Basis Technologies)
  • 47% of content marketers who currently use podcasts intend to keep investing in this method for 2024. (Source: HubSpot State of Marketing Report)

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