5 Successful TikTok Brands to Inspire your Strategy

There’s something about a TikTok brand that makes you feel like they understand that the social media landscape is changing and that it’s not enough anymore to say ‘we don’t have the equipment’, ‘TikTok doesn’t fit into our strategy’, and ‘we have nothing to post’.

A TikTok strategy isn’t about creating an award-winning Oscar performance or a high-quality TV advertisement for every video, people are more interested in seeing the faces behind the brand and what it means to work for your business. They want the raw, uncut footage so don’t worry about using Adobe – download Capcut and you’re good to get started!

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Why are brands using TikTok for Marketing? 

TikTok is an entertainment platform first. The platform then launched its advertising capability back in 2020 and of course, brands were sceptical about the platform and whether they wanted to incorporate TikTok into their marketing strategy. 

People use the platform to create and consume content instantly, the social network moves fast in terms of the lifespan of trends – something that went viral on Wednesday could be forgotten about Thursday afternoon by another trend dominating the space. The TikTok user base has continued to grow and for the UK market, its predicted audience size for 2024 is 16.8 million people.

It’s not just a straight road when thinking about how brands can utilise TikTok as an extension of their marketing strategy. You don’t necessarily have to just run paid advertising on the platform, you can step into the realm of influencer and content creator marketing. This means you don’t necessarily have to put a budget behind paid ads to reach customers but instead work with creators who will push videos to their following which amplifies your reach.

If you wish to run TikTok ads, this enables you to run strategic campaigns where you can tailor your creative and ad copy to a specific audience. This allows you to do so much more than just relying on creators to reach your target market. In my opinion, I wouldn’t say TikTok is just for those under 35, the over 50s want to get in on the action to connect with their children and grandchildren better. I should know my older relatives all have an account!

5 of the Best TikTok Brands Right Now

Not all brands master the platform. You’ve got to treat it completely differently from the other social media giants like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn. What works on Instagram reels won’t work on TikTok, yes it’s great to use your videos in different ways but you need to be tweaking them to suit the platform. This might be changing the type of language or style. Essentially the raw footage is the same but how you edit them together should be different. 

I’m not denying that I’m a regular TikTok user (I will not be disclosing my iPhone screen time stats at this time), but there are a few TikTok brands that are absolutely crushing it in my eyes!

  1. Sisters and Seekers

Username: sistersandseekers

Followers: 113.8k

If you haven’t seen Sisters and Seekers TikTok videos, then you need to get to know. Over the past few months, I have been enjoying all of their videos and it’s actually how I found out about the brand in the first place. I had never been delivered an ad or seen one of my friends wearing them. But around November time I was scrolling on TikTok and one of their massively engaging and funny dance routines had me hooked!

@sistersandseekers black friday deals now live #sistersandseekers #sistersandseekershoodie #sistersandseekersknithoodie ♬ оригинальный звук – MemMu

Since then I’ve been following along and have been absolutely obsessed with their content. What’s great is that I spoke to a colleague about this brand and they had a completely different view because they had only ever seen their very aesthetic and toned-down content on Instagram. This goes to show what I said earlier that you need to make sure you’re tailoring your creative to the platform. 

They’re also utilising content creators as part of their TikTok strategy. I was delivered an organic video from one of their trusted influencers, Channon Mooney, who had placed an order for the brand the night before receiving a PR box – which had that very item in it! This is something I look out for, I want to know that the creator actually believes and loves the product rather than just selling it for a brand deal. 

@channonmooney my queens ✨🫶🏼🤝🏼🫧🔌🫡 @Sisters & Seekers ♬ original sound – channonmooney

They really are blowing up at the moment on TikTok and some of their videos are reaching as many as 3.3 million views! So, who’s running the account that definitely needs to be mentioned? It’s Anna Corkill. I encourage you to follow them on LinkedIn, Instagram, and TikTok as you can experience firsthand how she’s able to tailor their social media strategy to each platform successfully. 

And because of the above, I will be definitely purchasing from this brand in the future.

  1. Made By Mitchell

Username: madebymitchell

Followers: 749.8k

A TikTok brand that I remember from its huge popularity growth during lockdown in 2020 was Made By Mitchell. To me, I feel like they were one of the first brands to really get to grips with understanding the platform and what it has to offer. Creating videos like ‘Pack an order with me’, ‘Get ready with me (GRWM)’, and TikTok Live. There’s not a video that I don’t see of a beauty creator where they’re not mentioning one of Made By Mitchell’s products. 

He is also a brand that has nailed its branding. As soon as I see that lime green I know it’s a Made By Mitchell product. I know that the community he’s built up on the platform would say the same too. It’s iconic. It means that he doesn’t necessarily need to make his logo visible on the product, the colour alone on the packaging is able to leverage that brand recognition. It’s something that some brands struggle with but once you get it right, then you will see your performance shoot up. 

@madebymitchell LETS DOUBLE UP THOSE ORDERS 😜🤪💘🚀✨🎨 #madebymitchell #blursh #mystery #double #packingorders #fyp #viral #haul #tiktokmademebuyit ♬ original sound – madebymitchell
  1. OddMuse

Username: oddmuselondon

Followers: 317.4k

In 2022, do you remember a viral blazer that snatched your waist like you’ve never seen before? Yes, well that was OddMuse. Those videos that went viral on TikTok are how I heard about this brand. Whenever I think of high-quality capsule wardrobes, I think of them. What is great about them is that they really understand their audience. They aren’t going after people who are shopping constantly, wearing things once and chucking away. 

@oddmuselondon when we spend more, we get moreeee #oddmuse #oddmuselondon #luxury #fashion #fashionbrand #brandowner #femalebusiness #blazer #smallbusiness #fastfashion #goodquality ♬ oMg i nEvEr nOtiCed – olla !!

Their audience is women who invest in their wardrobe. Ladies who are looking to wear their clothing way more than once. Staple pieces that can be used across 20 different outfits and not just for one event. This is the heart of their TikTok strategy, yes their price point may be more than the likes of Pretty Little Thing, however the quality and design of their pieces are unmatched. 

Another lesson you can take from this brand is that while you start off small you may have to be the face of your brand. However, when you start to grow and hire a team of people you can separate yourself from the account but this doesn’t mean you go cold turkey. You should be looking at building your own personal brand. One that operates in line with your business but the type of content differs slightly. 

Your personal brand is an account to let people know the owner, why did you start this business? why did they choose to sell that product? and also let them fall in love with your journey and emphasise with your struggles. You’re building a community on this platform, use it to connect with people and you may find that’s the secret ingredient to push that purchase over the line. 

@aimeesmalex She kept taking photos of me, it was the cutest thing ever and so nice to finally meet face to face. She was so happy Odd Muse bought her to London ❤️ We have come so far together 🥹 #oddmuse #oddmuselondon #fashion #brand #business #luxury ♬ only hot people use this sound – whitelinesprettybabyy
  1. Clomana Beauty

Username: clomana

Followers: 412.1k

Another TikTok brand I became obsessed with and actually purchased from is Clomana Beauty. Now I’ve been following them along for the past year or two when the brand was formally known as Coco Cosmetics By Chloe and the product that got me to purchase was the viral marshmallow sponges. When I first saw one of these videos Chloe was originally packaging them like cupcakes – to me was so innovative and unique at the time that I instantly wanted to try it. 

It’s now become a staple in my makeup bag, I won’t be buying any other sponge from another brand for my foundation application. I bought this product through the TikTok shop and this was the first purchase I had made through the platform. It just shows how important it is to be available at the right time and also be accessible. No one wants to have to go off the platform and click more than 10 times than they need to.

@clomana Replying to @Amie ♬ Apart of Me – Takayoshi

I’ve really enjoyed following their journey and you can tell the community she has built up through the years is so enamoured by her, I regularly see in the comments people sharing how happy they are for the brand especially when she shared that her products will be stocked in Sephora!

@clomana Im so glad i never gave up when it got tough 😭😭 the biggest thing to happen for my business!!!! #reveal #bignews #announcement #makeup #marshmallowsponge ♬ A Thousand Years James Arthur – Ajat
  1. Megan McKenna

Username: meganmckenna

Followers: 775.9k

This one is slightly different because it’s not necessarily a traditional brand account however, Megan McKenna, itself is a brand. If we think back to her TV appearances she’s managed to move herself away from that noise and towards a music and culinary career. Megan is a celiac and released a cookbook where she shares her favourite gluten-free recipes that are a spin on your traditional home comforts. 

Megan uses TikTok to broadcast her music but as I said above she has had a really popular series where she plates up her dinner -combining the 2 together she’s able to market both her music and cookbook at the same time. Genius! 

I for one am obsessed with her dishing up videos and I enjoy her cookbook, perfect balance of home comfort and dessert indulges. 

@meganmckenna Back with a gluten free bang… Marry me chicken for my love 👰🏽‍♀️🤵🏽‍♂️ this was 10/10 now time for my pjs & a new series… 🫧🩷 #fyp ♬ original sound – Megan Mckenna

I could go on about the different types of brands that I’ve been loving lately who in my eyes have cracked the secret sauce to a TikTok brand strategy that uses the likes of content creators and TikTok shop to their advantage. If you are thinking about joining the platform or are you already on it and have not found much success? Get in touch with our award-winning paid social team and we’ll create a TikTok strategy for your brand to succeed on the social channel.


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