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Yorkshire’s most important secular building

The Piece Hall is one of Yorkshire’s most significant historic buildings. Originally built in the 1770s as a marketplace for the textile industry, it is the only remaining traditional Northern cloth hall in the area.

Today, the Piece Hall is a centre point of local business, as well as providing the community with a common space to shop, eat, drink, and learn more about the history of the building and the area, as well as providing one of Yorkshire’s most striking backdrops for a variety of professional and cultural events throughout the year.

The Piece Hall logo
Piece Hall Website Concept

The Brief

A seamless user experience

With a focus on community, business, arts and history, the Piece Hall came to us as they needed a brand new bespoke website design and build.

    We were tasked with focusing on three specific areas of the work that the Piece Hall is involved with:

  • Culture – including events and private hire.
  • Heritage – including tours and the history of the local area, as well as the history of the Piece Hall itself
  • Marketplace – including the wide range of shopping and restaurants who the Piece Hall partners with.

When it came to the initial goals of the project, the team at the Piece Hall wanted to prioritise the user experience for both customers and internal team members.

    There were also a few additional features that the Piece Hall team wanted their new site to include:

  • A platform that would allow users to explore all shops and make purchases
  • A platform which could  host videos and stream events
  • Virtual Tours of the commercial spaces to support with selling (via Materport)

Our Approach

Delivering exceptional design & flawless functionality

First things first, our web and project management teams spent time working closely with the client on a thorough project brief to ensure we captured the goals and what they need from their new website. This included a reviewed and revamped sitemap and navigation, to create the clear, segmented user journey that was so important to the client. To do this, we split the navigation into three distinct sections – Culture, Heritage and Marketplace.

We created two key design concepts and drew up draft designs based on these – one was a highly traditional, classic theme, while the other took a significantly more modern approach compared to the other site concept, and the existing Piece Hall site. The client chose to run with the more modern concept, at which point we got to work designing the internal pages of the website.

During the next step of the prodigy, we carried out various presentations and went through rounds of feedback with the client to ensure we created designs that they genuinely loved. Once we had approval from the client on the design of the internal pages, we began to build the site, first working on the Heritage side before moving onto Culture and the Marketplace.

We created an easy-to-use, lightweight, bespoke page builder to allow the Piece Hall team to quickly and easily update their own site, without any need for Embryo to intervene in the future. The new Piece Hall website is fully editable by the client. Finally, we went through a variety of different testing stages prior to the site launch, in order to ensure a smooth transition to their brand new Piece Hall website.

The Piece Hall Homepage

Client Testimonial

What the Client Said

"We chose to work with Embryo due to their experience in design and development. The whole process with Embryo was seamless."

Stephen Bullock, The Piece Hall


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