30 Video Animation Stats You Should Be Aware of in 2023

As humans, we just love seeing things. We are very much used to pictures, images, and visuals. No wonder animated videos catch our eyes with their vibrant and captivating nature. I bet you noticed that it’s easier to memorise things when they are shown visually and in an attractive and creative way. This has led to traditional content being replaced or supported by animated videos. It can’t be denied that animated videos are becoming more and more popular in the digital marketing world, and their use is only expected to rise.

Wonder why animated videos have evolved so significantly over the last couple of years and whether you should implement them in your content marketing strategy. In this blog, we will look at the many positives of video animation and provide you with some insightful statistics to help you figure that out.

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30 Video Animation Stats

  1. As of 2023, 91% of businesses implement videos as part of their marketing strategy, based on the study by Wyzowl (Hubspot)
  2. 96% of marketers say that they find video an inseparable element of their marketing strategy (Hubspot)
  3. Product videos improve the number of purchases by 144% (Neil Patel)
  4. 72% of people prefer watching a video rather than reading text if both of them are available when it comes to receiving branded marketing content (Retail Dive)
  5. More than half of customers believe online video-assisted them in deciding which brand or product to purchase (Google)
  6. More than 90% of respondents claim they find new businesses and products on YouTube (Google)
  7. According to 43% of video marketers, video has lowered the number of support calls they have received (Wyzowl)
  8. 70% of marketers who don’t use video as part of their marketing strategy said they plan to do so in 2023 (Wyzowl)
  9. As many as 95% of marketers stated video marketing has helped them in increasing brand awareness (Wyzowl)
  10. 90% of people say they “very much” or “somewhat” like to watch brand video material online, with only 4% stating they don’t like watching brand video content (Lemonlight)
  11. 92% of marketing specialists believe video will play a more significant part in marketing in the next years (Lemonlight)
  12. 93% of companies say they gained a new client as a result of a social media video (Animoto)
  13. Including videos on websites makes them 53 times more discoverable on search engines. Adding videos on a website increases the average session time from 8 seconds to 2 minutes (Animation Explainers)
  14. Since 2018, the amount of online video watched per person every week has nearly doubled (Hubspot)
  15. B2B videos that last less than 60 seconds are fully watched by 68% of users. On the other hand, videos that are substantially longer (about 20 minutes) are only watched about 25% of the time (vidyard)
  16. An average person spends at least 100 minutes every day watching online videos (Marketing Charts)
  17. The use of videos on landing pages increases conversions by 86% (Wordstream)
  18. SERP results with video links enhance organic traffic by 157% (Wyzowl)
  19. Video marketing is predicted to account for 82% of all internet traffic in 2023 (Cisco)
  20. Users understand content 95% from the video and 10% from the text (Forbes)
  21. An email that includes a video is 300% more convertible (HubSpot)
  22. Six out of ten consumers would prefer to watch a video online rather than watch television (Google)
  23. 50% of people between 18 and 34 admit they are willing to stop what they’re doing to watch a video from their favourite video creators (Google)
  24. 84% of marketers say they consider video creation skills vital when hiring someone for a marketing position (Animoto)
  25. 88% of users say they would expect to see more videos from brands in 2023 (Explain Ninja)
  26. US marketers are expected to spend 41.9% more on video advertisement campaigns by 2024 (Statista)
  27. Youtube, with its over 2 billion users is the second most visited website in the world, which accounts for one-third of internet users (Explain Ninja)
  28. Facebook video generates 135% more organic traffic than Facebook photos (WebinarCare)
  29. Incorporating a video thumbnail in the search results can double the search traffic (RealSales Video)
  30. More than 3 billion people watched streaming or downloaded video at least once a month in 2022 (Statista)

That’s a Wrap!

To wrap up, most of these figures highlight one undeniable fact: according to the numbers, it’s pretty clear that video marketing will stay relevant, and using it will totally pay off. If you want to learn more about video marketing, we’ve recently gathered a video marketing stats blog where we touch on the topic more in detail.

At Embryo, we take the importance of video seriously and integrate it into our digital marketing strategy as well as our clients. To learn more about what we do and how we can support your business growth, free to get in touch with our team by phone at 0161 327 2635 or email at [email protected].

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