The 16 Most Famous Instagram Influencers

If you don’t know what an Instagram influencer is in 2024, then where have you been? Instagram influencers, or ‘micro-celebrities’, are a brand’s dream advertisement method.

On Instagram, an influencer is someone who is able to persuade a lot of people (their followers) to do, buy, or use the same things that they do. They are often paid or given free products in exchange for doing this.

Brands seek out these partnerships because it is a highly effective advertising method. Influencers, especially ones with significant followings, will advertise these products or services to their followers. These posts will likely get shared, liked, and commented on over time. Essentially, the more engagement, the more sales.

For many, especially among Gen Z, becoming an Instagram influencer is looked at as a dream job. In fact, half of young Brits want to be an influencer, with 13% of them already considering themselves as a content creator.

In this blog, we will be taking a look at 16 of the most famous Instagram influencers in the UK today. We will be steering away from traditional celebrities and footballers, and focussing more on those whose job it is to advertise to their audiences.

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What is an Instagram Influencer?

With over 30 million Instagram users in the UK, this platform is a powerhouse for reaching target audiences.

49% of UK consumers said they are more likely to purchase through Instagram than any other social media platform.

Instead of focusing on celebrities, whose followers are biased because of being fans, celebrities don’t have to be experts in the field to promote a product. Influencers, however, especially on a macro and micro level, are usually experts in their field.

They usually build a community of their own in their niche area, which could be fashion, food, travel, make-up, and many more.

Let’s take a look at some of the most famous UK Instagram influencers, and tell you a bit about their role in the digital marketing world.

A List of 16 of the Most Famous UK Instagram Influencers:

  • Zoe Sugg
  • Molly-Mae Hague
  • Lydia Rose
  • Joe Wicks
  • Sophie Hinchliffe
  • Zara McDermott
  • Sophia Tuxford
  • Cinzia Baylis Zullo
  • Rochelle Humes
  • Tommy Fury
  • Gaz Oakley
  • Alex Bowen
  • Jay Shetty
  • Steven Bartlett
  • Alfie Deyes
  • Ella Mills

Zoe Zugg, aka ‘Zoella’


Boasting 9.2 million Instagram followers, Zoe Sugg is commonly defined as the ‘OG’ UK influencer.

Her Instagram content focuses mainly on parenthood, lifestyle, and spending time at home with her fiance, well-known blogger Alfie Deyes, and their two daughters.

Recent ads include brands such as The Langham Hotel, London, Carrie Elizabeth Jewellery, M&S Food, and Sky Cinema. All of her advertisements usually represent her current lifestyle – her authenticity, plus her long time in the Instagram game, is what resonates with her audience.

Molly-Mae Hague


Although starting her career on Love Island, Molly Mae has now famously become the most followed UK Love islander of all time.

With a hefty 7.8 million Instagram followers, Molly’s content focuses majorly on fashion, events, and lifestyle, as well as her recent transition to motherhood.

Recent ads include collaborations with Pretty Little Thing, Aveeno Skincare, and her own tanning brand, Filter. Her Instagram aesthetically showcases luxury living and outfit inspirations.

Lydia Rose


Commonly known as ‘fashioninflux’, Lydia’s Instagram is the place to go for fashion and style inspiration.

With 2.5 Instagram followers, her content inspires casual and formal wear, encouraging followers to purchase from well-known fashion brands.

Some recent ads include working with brands such as Lounge, Mango, and Very UK.

Joe Wicks


With 4.7 million Instagram followers, Joe Wicks rose to Instagram fame after posting fitness sessions during lockdown.

Known as the UK’s favourite P.E teacher, his content consists of fitness, food, and healthy living.

Some of his recent ad work includes working with brands such as Aviva, and continuously promoting his own app, The Body Coach App, which alone has 191,000 Instagram followers.

Sophie Hinchliffe


Sophie Hinchliffe, better known as ‘Mrs Hinch’, became popular on Instagram from her cleaning content and racked up a huge 4.8 million followers.

Now, her Instagram page focuses on her home renovations, as well as family life and living on a farm with her 2 young boys.

Some of her recent collaborations include Joy of Clean, Home Bargains, and Lenor, keeping to themes of cleaning and tidying.

Zara McDermott


Moving away from her rise to fame from Love Island, Zara’s Instagram focuses on insights into her documentary-making, fashion, and baking.

With 2 million Instagram followers, her bio proudly promotes her as an ambassador for brands such as L’Oreal Paris and Sol de Janeiro.

Recent ad campaigns include brands such as Tesco, BBC Three, and Edgard & Cooper, confirming her love for her two kittens who are commonly shown on her Instagram page.

Sophia Tuxford


One of the co-hosts of The Girls Bathroom podcast, Sophia is popular on Instagram for her fashion and lifestyle content.

With 496,000 Instagram followers, her page promotes all things fashion, home, and travel.

Advertisements usually involve brands such as YSL, Sisters & Seekers, and Elemis. Sophia, and her best friend Cinzia, are often known for their trendy and iconic Coachella festival outfits.

Cinzia Baylis Zullo


The other half of the iconic ‘Sophia and Cinzia’ duo, Cinzia also has a sought-after Instagram following of 532,000 people.

Similar to Sophia, Cinzia’s page is colourful and promotes trendy outfits, make-up, and lifestyle content.

Brand collaborations include names such as Superdrug, YSL, Intimissimi, and Malibu UK, fitting in with the theme of her Instagram page.

Rochelle Humes


Although Rochelle is mostly known for her TV presenting and girl-brand past, her Instagram is an advertiser’s dream as she has 2.3 million followers.

Rochelle has founded many of her own brands, including My Little Coco and Cloudcha Matcha. However, she also has a portfolio of impressive brand work, creating paid content with brands such as M&S Food, L’Oreal Paris, Next, and Disney.

Tommy Fury


The well-known fiance to Molly-Mae, Tommy also has his own huge Instagram following of a whopping 5.4 million followers.

A professional boxer, Tommy’s Instagram account promotes all things fitness, boxing, and sports, as well as sharing snaps of his and Molly’s daughter, Bambi.

Some brands that he has worked with on his page include Visit Hungary, YoungLA, and M&S Food.

Gaz Oakley


Gaz Oakley is a chef and cookbook author from Cardiff, Wales, mostly known for his vegan food.

With 1.2 million Instagram followers, his recipes reach a huge audience. His page consists of food content, recipes, and a sprinkle of travel.

As well as promoting his own cookbook, recent posts on Instagram showcase brands such as Anima Muni Herbals, IHG Hotels & Resorts, and Pure Free From.

Alex Bowen


Throwing another Love Islander into the mix, Alex Bowen has 1.5 million Instagram followers to promote products to.

Along with his wife Olivia Bowen, the couple created huge success for themselves after coming runners up on the show back in 2016. Nowadays, Alex promotes all things fitness, healthy living, and well-being.

Some of his most recent adverts include brands such as Slater Menswear, Ninja Kitchen UK, and R.A.D.

Jay Shetty


Presented in his bio as an author, podcaster, speaker, and coach, Jay Shetty has a whopping 15.5 million Instagram followers.

Through his podcast ON Purpose, he has interviewed celebrities such as Tom Holland, Kendall Jenner, and James Cordon. Although he promotes alot of his own personal products, he has also collaborated with a number of brands.

Some of those names include Match, Calm, and Juni Sparkling Tea.

Steven Bartlett


After huge success from his podcast ‘Diary Of A CEO’, Steven Bartlett has gone on to claim 3.6 million Instagram followers.

As well as his podcast, Steven was recently made a dragon on Dragon’s Den. His Instagram is a place to go for inspirational quotes, clips of his podcast, and all things well-being.

Some of Steven’s recent collaborations include brands such as Whoop, Huel, and Zoe.

Alfie Deyes


Fiance to Zoe Sugg, Alfie has his own Instagram page with a following of 4 million.

Alfie’s page promotes all things lifestyle, parenthood, and coffee. Long-term followers and viewers take a particular interest in his family and house renovations.

Some of Alfie’s recent ad work includes brand names such as Sky Cinema, Siemens Home UK, Dandy Coffee, and Sky Mobile.

Ella Mills


Founder of Deliciously Ella, Ella Mills has 112,000 current Instagram followers.

‘Passionate about natural, plant-based living’, Ella’s Instagram is also a reflection of family life, including lifestyle content and recipes from her cookbook.

Recent ad work includes working with brands such as Whole Foods, W. Icons, and Waitrose.

Looking to influence your audience?

From reading through these Instagram influencers, it’s clear to see that the brands they work with are a true representation of their own lives and aesthetics. That’s why it is important for advertisers to be authentic, and to choose Instagram influencers wisely and who align with their products.

Are you a brand looking to adapt your marketing strategy? Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!

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