SEO For Law Firms: What you need to know

SEO for attorneys is the perfect way to get your law firm noticed by potential clients. If your website is struggling to rank and generate sufficient levels of organic traffic it may be time to begin your law firm SEO campaign.

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SEO for Attorneys

There is never a set SEO campaign or practices you should follow for specific industries as the digital marketing world and SEO is ever-changing however given the Embryo team has worked on a variety of different SEO campaigns for law firms here is some of the top tips to set you on your way.

Keyword Research

For your law firm to generate good levels of organic traffic and be visible to the user the website needs to rank for a variation of target keywords around its core service offering and this all starts with keyword research.

It can often be difficult to outrank competitors for top-level commercial terms such as “law firms” or “magic circle law firms”. A good starting point is to use your website and pick out your core services, from this you can then identify what type of keywords the target audience will be searching for.

Once you have areas or keywords you want to target, use the keyword explorer section of AHREFs to conduct your keyword research. You will then be able to collate your keywords along with reviewing keyword difficulty and search volume to see if the keywords you have chosen are achievable to rank for within your content.

Content Ideas for Law Firm SEO

As the Law firm industry is so competitive just optimising service or category pages isn’t always enough to help your website rank. To improve keyword reach you should look to write additional content pieces on one specific category linking back to the main service to help the website rank for additional keywords.

This is known as topical authority and the idea is you target longer tail keywords which have lower search volume but a higher intent. These types of content pieces should be blog pieces and they answer questions asked by the user to help educate.

Below we have highlighted some of the longer tail keywords which could be used in topical authority content pieces.

Long Tail Keyword Search Volume
what are the magic circle law firms 100
how much do partners at law firms make 90
how many law firms in the uk 80
how do law firms make money 40


As previously mentioned it can often be hard to get your law firm website to rank for top-level commercial terms. It is often more effective to optimise parts of your website for local search results by using a localised SEO campaign. This way you can still generate good levels of traffic from users searching for Law Firms within your area. This is a much more achievable approach to gain visibility for relevant keywords.

Alongside ranking for local search terms, setting up a Google My Business Profile where you can appear in Google Maps, respond to reviews to engage with the customer, upload recent blog posts, showcase relevant business information and many more all help you to appear in these relevant local search results.

Location Pages

On the flip side if your law firm is well established and ranking well for numerous terms why not try and dominate the SERP? Creating location pages for different areas and tailoring content and keywords for that specific area can help you rank for additional keywords with a substantial amount of search volume. On top of this if your Law firm has an office set up in some of these locations take advantage of Google My Business and open multiple locations to further dominate the SERP.

Importance of E-E-A-T in SEO for Law Firms

When it comes to SEO in the law firm industry one of the most important factors is that you look to include (E-E-A-T) (experience, expertise, authority and trustworthiness).

Not only Google but the user will want to see trust signals on your website which showcases your experience within the industry. Things like author bios which include information such as qualifications, previous experience and noticeable cases to showcase the client’s expertise within the industry give both Google and the user big trust signals.

As well as the author bios making sure to include case studies, testimonials, a well-structured about us page and other things such as a dedicated qualifications page all help to show you authority in the industry and outrank your competition.

Authority & Backlink Profile

One of the three main pillars of SEO is authority and this is crucial in the Law firm industry. Securing links and coverage from influential sites that point to your website, and giving signals of trust and authority to Google is vital to securing a healthy backlink profile and increasing your overall domain rating.

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