Five Shopify Selling Mistakes to Avoid

We all know that when it comes to ecommerce and selling products online Shopify is the most reliable and easy-to-use platform to help scale up your business revenue.

As an award-winning digital marketing agency, we at Embryo understand the importance of selling on Shopify and this blog post will talk about all of the common mistakes every Shopify seller needs to avoid.

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Non-responsive UX design & user experience

At the top of the list, we have a non-responsive UX design. Things have shifted since users used to browse the internet at a desk. As a responsive website should now adapt to all different screen sizes the increase in users using smartphones and tablets when it comes to online purchasing has massively increased emphasising the importance of responsiveness when it comes to web design.

Poor website response times can then often lead to a poor user experience ultimately impacting your website’s organic performance. You may notice things like a high bounce rate on certain areas of your website along with a dip in Google rankings.

For any further insight on responsive UX Design and the effects it can have on your online store visit the experts at Embryo.

Not spending time on the design

We have just touched upon the importance of making sure that we have a responsive UX design when it comes to designing our Shopify online store so it is mobile-friendly and suitable for users across all different devices. Now it’s time to touch upon the actual layout and design of our webshop and how that looks to the user.

It can be very easy to neglect the actual layout and design of the website as the main goal can often be to get as many products as possible on the site and begin selling.

Your Shopify website is going to be the first thing the user sees when beginning their online shopping experience so making a good first impression to ensure the users spend more time engaging on your website is vital.

Make sure you conduct your research before starting your design. Look at competitors within your industry and see how their online stores are performing. It may be that certain Shopify themes work better in specific industries or that in fact there needs to be more visual content utilised onsite to help complement your webcopy.

Poor quality imagery

The next selling mistake on our list to avoid is poor-quality product imagery. It is vital that we make image optimization a priority. Product photography plays a massive role in pushing users towards making that purchase. You should display a range of different photos of the product from all different angles.

It is also key to take into consideration the optimisation of the image. If there are low-quality images uploaded in the wrong files or oversized images being published on the website this can massively affect the site speed and harm SEO performance.

To make sure your images are fully optimised and are not detrimental to your website from an SEO perspective in any way it is vital to follow the following steps:

  • Use Professional if possible to take high-quality images
  • Resize your Images – For this, you can use a variety of different tools including Canva or Reduce Image Sizes
  • Make sure you are using a suitable image format
  • Give your Image file a relevant name
  • Make sure you assign relevant image alt text to your image

Not utilising Shopify apps

Shopify provides you with a wide variety of apps to help enhance the functionalities of your online store and boost user experience along with overall website performance.

Neglecting to use these apps available by Shopify can affect your store’s functionality and ultimately lead to missed business opportunities and a loss in revenue.

There are thousands of apps to choose from ranging from Shopify email, a perfect place to build up an email list and manage your campaigns to a stocky and inventory management system which can monitor performing products on the website and make sure there are notifications to restock if a product is selling out or not drain further resource on products that aren’t performing.

Browse the app store and choose the apps you believe can enhance the customer experience on your online store along with making the day-to-day management of your business easier.

Limited payment methods

Another big mistake that Shopify sellers make is not offering a wide variety of purchase options for the buyer. A massive issue commonly seen on Shopify is cart abandonment and this can be down to the online store not having a diverse range of payment options at the checkout.

Expanding the number of payment methods on-site will allow you to become acceptable to a wider audience and enhance the checkout process for your customers, resulting in a boost in sales and the overall success of the business.

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